Long shot in space paying off

in #nextcolonylast year

I have been on steem for close to 2.5 years now, since july 2017.

I have also seen it evolve from a purely blogging platform to something new, exiting, alive and different.

Part of this new evolution was the creation of several games on the steem platform.

  • Steemmonsters (love it, am buying to many cards but it looks promising)
  • epicdice (I played a bit, did breakeven and am getting nice dividend payouts)

- nextcolony

Now during the early stages of @nextcolony there was an auction for legendary planets and together with a bunch of German Steemians we came up with the idea of pooling our Steem (it was worth a bit more back then) and bidding in that auction.

Back then we bought shares of "tartatros" our legendary planet and I ended up owning 4.94% of the shares

Those are now on paper still worth 61 Dollars (not sure if people are buying and not sure if I would sell)
61 at 0.123 current steem value is still 500 steem.


That bunch of germans (with @revisesociology as an englishman lost in translation) I was talking about united in @dachcolony and were steered with a superb strategy by @germansailor. (and some kindness from @powernap aka @goldrooster)

The game muddled along for months but a few weeks back there was new excitement with the YAMAMOTO update. Finally there was a chance to start earning STEEM by playing the game. Personally I had kind of given up and was only playing sporadically but I did see those DACH tokens sitting in my wallet.

@dachcolony ended up taking the nr 1 spot and winning 2400 STEEM

That earned me 133.93 Steem on the basis of my participation.

So in a few months I still have the paper value of my investment but made 26% profit on top...

Not bad for a Steem longshot...

going to be paying a bit more attention next season for sure


whooot, cool. Saw some steem coming to me as well. For being a lousy player - this is worth at least a !BEER to celebrate

Yay, dank dieses Beitrags hab ich jetzt einen Planeten Alpha und absolut keine Ahnung was ich damit am Besten anfange ;-)

Btw. just expected that you are german yourself, pls correct me if I am mistaken ^^

I am also kind of lost in translation. I am Belgian, married to a German woman, living in Switzerland

A true Europian then :)

Make international friendship great again!

Hey @felander, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!