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The Nemesis Season had finally ended, and Jack Steel was exhausted. Without hesitation, he dove into his bed, fully dressed, and soundly fell asleep within seconds. Usually, the frustrated Admiral would spend endless nights suffering from insomnia, but there's nothing like a Yamato Season to drain STARDUST, resources, ships and human energy!

After a long night, Jack awoke to a room filled with a brilliant golden light from the rising sun. The warmth of an illuminated morning always put a smile on his face. Not knowing what the day will bring, Jack washed up, changed clothing and prepared for his ritual meditation. Together with many other thoughts, he focused on the problems at hand, and searched for whatever possible solutions his mind could gather. The door sounded, and the command to enter was granted.

Jarunik Nikruja, what a pleasant surprise.

  • Jack Steel, thank you for receiving me. I hope I'm not disturbing you?

Not at all, was just contemplating on the problems at hand. Can I offer you something to drink, or, I don't know... I'm not familiar with your customs.

  • What is your custom, Jack Steel?

Well, I always like to start my day with a bit of green tea.

  • I would be honored to share this ritual with you.

Good! It helps me relax and focus my energy.

As Jack walked over to the replicator to prepare the drinks, Jarunik studied the room carefully, taking in all of the nuances of Mr. Steel's daily life.

Here you go, Jarunik. Hope you enjoy it.

  • I'm sure it will be pleasant, Jack Steel. Have you come up with any solutions for the problems that were presented to you yesterday?

Not yet, but I'm working on it. I have over 50 planets to manage. It's not easy, especially with all of the Starbases vying for my attention. Everyone seems to be arguing over Mission Slots, and I can understand why.

  • If you will accept, I would like to offer a gift to you, Jack Steel.

Really?! What kind of gift?

Buffs?! What in the world are Buffs?!

  • Let's just say that they are a kind of technology on steroids, to use some Earth humor.

Is that right! Sounds impressive, but let's be a bit more specific.

  • How would you like, for example, to send out a massive swarm of Explore Missions?

Oh, now that would be nice! But we've already reached out Max Skill Level for Mission Control, and we only have 40 Slots to work with; as I already mentioned, I have more than 50 planets under my command.

  • A Mission Control Buff could instantly increase those Slots to 400.

I hope this isn't some kind of Zyklopian humor!

  • No, Jack Steel, I am being very serious.

Wow! In that case, I will eagerly accept this gift!

  • I will need access to your computer system, at the highest level.

Well, I'm the Admiral here; can't get any higher than that... Computer, granting Jarunik Nikruja temporary Admiral's authorization to full access of our system.

Authorization granted

You haven't given me any reason to not trust you so far, Jarunik. I would like to keep it that way.

  • Thank you, Jack Steel. I will always honor that trust. I am installing the necessary code which will allow you to activate whatever Buffs are available, now and in the future. I must warn you that this Mission Control Buff will require 10000 STARDUST, and will only last 7 days.

That's a lot of STARDUST, nearly half of what we presently possess, but if what you say it true, it's worth it. Go for it!

  • The Buff has been activated, Jack Steel.

Moments later, Admiral Steel's computer began to receive dozens of messages thanking him for the extra Mission Slots.

Jarunik, it's working! My Officers throughout the Genesis Starfleet are reporting that they are sending out the full amount of available Missions! This is incredible!... Computer, load galactic map, Gamma Quadrant, display flight radar.

Original NextColony Tool by @rafalski

My goodness, look at that swarm of Explore Missions!... Computer, show me Commodore Onay's Missions.

Original NextColony Tool by @rafalski

Computer, load mission radar for the Starbase Genesis111 region.

Original NextColony Tool by @rafalski

Computer, load mission radar for Starbase Genesis888.

Original NextColony Tool by @rafalski

This is amazing, Jarunik! I don't know how to thank you!

  • No, Jack Steel, this is my thank you for our friendship!

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