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As the Cryptoriddler's men returned from the Yamatos, they flooded into the Control Room, all trying to understand what was going on. The furious Admiral demanded explanations, but no one was able to comprehend what was happening. With his back to the large monitor, the Cryptoriddler could not see the cluster of small dots moving slowly across the screen.

  • "Admiral, Sir? I think..." said an Officer watching the odd movement.

"Not now!" retorted the angry Cryptoriddler.

  • But Admiral, Sir, this is...


  • Sir, there's a swarm of space debris uniformly moving towards the Yamatos.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?!

  • Admiral, Sir, that swarm of small dots on the screen is moving at the same speed. Space debris does not behave like that; only ships do.

Ships?! But that can't be; the security of my Shipyard is impenetrable. Zoom in!

  • Sir, those are rescue pods! Hundreds of them! They're swarming the Yamatos, and we have no crew on board!


The red-faced Cryptoriddler began smashing everything in site; throwing chairs, punching Officers and screaming every obscenity imaginable. All the while watching the small dots on the screen disappearing one after the other into the abandoned Yamatos. Jack Steel had done it! He escaped, and reclaimed the Genesis Yamatos.


Knowing his fleet could not catch the Yamatos, the Cryptoriddler swore to one day have his revenge, as he watched the Yamatos speed away towards Starbase Genesis1!

Back home, the Genesis army was greeted with a massive celebration. Not only had all of the men returned, but they also came back with the Yamatos, and a new ally, Jarunik Nikruja of the Zyklopian Rebel Forces!


Within the Base, the corridors were full of officers, cadets and civilians who congratulation the heroes as they made their way to the Commodore's quarters. Mr. Curione quickly walked over to Jack Steel,and gave him a strong embrace.

  • Admiral Steel, I'm so glad we were able to get you back!

Glad to be back, Commodore! This is our new friend Jarunik Nikruja. He gets all the credit for helping us escape, and get our Yamatos back!

  • Mr. Nikruja, it's an honor to meet you, and I'm deeply grateful for your help.

You're very welcome Commodore Curione. It is equally my honor to meet you. Jack Steel has spoken highly of you.

  • Thank you, Mr. Steel. I appreciate that. This probably isn't the best of moments, but the Genesis Starfleet is a mess. We have a terrible lack of ranking Officers, with new planets being discovered all the time. We have no Quadrant Admirals, and we've even penetrated into another galaxy!

Another galaxy?!

  • That's right! We have a planet in Beta Galaxy -1/0. There's also a lot of arguing going on because we only have 40 Mission Slots, and everyone wants to explore, transport and send Resource Recovery Missions, but we have more planets than slots. It's a real chaos Admiral!

I see. I'd really like to do something, Commodore, but I'm exhausted and need to rest. I promise to address these issues as soon as I'm on my feet tomorrow.

  • That's absolutely understandable, Sir. Your quarters are ready, and we'll situate our new friend near you. Welcome home, Mr. Steel!

Thank you, Commodore Curione. It's good to be home!

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