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As the Genesis men stood together at the entrance of the cave, staring up at the starry night sky, Jarunik Nikruja used his advanced vision to focus in on the 4 Yamatos, suspended in the outer atmosphere of the Planet P2. Jack Steel stood beside him, VISOR on, witnessing the truth of what Jarunik had predicted. Slowly, through his VISOR, Jack could see the outer Tiers of the Yamatos beginning to gradually break away. Out from the superstations could be seen hundreds of Scout ships darting towards the planet, as the Yamatos were being evacuated.

Admiral Steel turned towards the crowd, "Gentlemen, what Jarunik predicted is happening. The Tiers of the Yamatos are detaching, and The Cryptoriddler's crew is retreating to the planet. This may be our only chance. Lieutenant Rafalski, begin the first wave of the mission to recover those rescue pods. The rest of you pack your smallest weapons, as we may have company aboard the Yamatos. Let's go!"

The crowd began moving quickly, without hesitation. The men filtered through the armament to find the smallest guns and grenades, knowing that they would need to pack several soldiers per pod.

Meanwhile, within the Control Room of Starbase P2...

Are we under attack?!

  • No Admiral, our radar shows no incoming fleets. The Yamatos are being evacuated, and the crews on-board are insisting that there are no explosions, nor anyone firing at them. The war-stations are simply falling apart, and they don't know why.

Genesis scum! They must have set the Yamatos to self-destruct before sending them to me. They could be programmed to explode at any minute. Get everyone off, and prepare my fleet in case there are other surprises!

Lieutenant Rafalski cleverly moved the rescue pod towards the floating debris, camouflaging the tiny vessel's movements to blend into the scattered space junk. One by one, more rescue pods were recovered, and slowly they returned to the caves. The second wave quickly took flight and more small pods were gathered before the caves. Exponentially, the Genesis men carefully accumulated a vast fleet of rescue pods, and prepared themselves for the moment of truth!

Gentlemen, this is our moment! We don't know what we will find aboard the Yamatos, so I advise you all to be battle-ready. Vice Admiral Maxwell and Jarunik are flying with me. The rest of you choose your squads quickly, as we will all need to move as one swarm. Follow my lead! Let's go boys! GO, GO, GO!

Without hesitation, the mass of men loaded themselves into the numerous rescue pods, and awaited Admiral Steel's signal. Jarunik, using his advanced vision, informed Jack that all the men were inside the pods, and awaiting his move. The Admiral's pod lifted off, and like a flock of closely knit birds, the swarm of small vessels made their way towards what remained of the 4 Yamatos.


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