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The days passed, and the Genesis men, along with their new Zyklopian ally, brainstormed tirelessly in the hopes of finding a solution for getting off of the planet, and back to the Genesis Starfleet. Fortunately, the men had plenty of supplies to get them through any prolonged period necessary. Jarunik Nikruja spent most of his time close to Jack Steel; it was an honor for him to be a friend of the man considered to be such an inspiration to the Zyklopian Rebel Forces. If ever he managed to return to his ranks, Jarunik would be hailed as their greatest hero, and most certainly be given a leading role according to the ancient traditions of Zyklop.

Jarunik Nikruja, you're very quiet today.

  • Yes, Jack Steel, I am observing and listening to you and your men, learning your ways and customs. I am also contemplating on the issue that seems to be on everyone's mind.

Getting off this planet!

  • Yes, Jack Steel, exactly.

So have you been able to come up with something?

  • There is a possibility that I have noticed no one considering, and it has me curious as to why.

Well I'm all ears, Jarunik. Any idea at this point is worth listening to.

  • Very well, it is my understanding that Anthony Rafalski, your Lieutenant, arrived here, undetected, with his men using your Yamatos, which are now in the possession of The Cryptoriddler.

That's correct.

  • And as I have already witnessed, you have a rescue pod that can travel off planet, and can house at least 4 occupants.

We can even fit 6 people if we lay on top of one another.

  • Why not reverse the order of Anthony Rafalski's rescue mission, and return to the Yamatos when the Nemesis Season ends?

I don't think I'm following you, Jarunik?!

  • This is where my curiosity must lead me to ask you, Jack Steel, if you know what will happen when the Nemesis Season ends? As I have yet to hear anyone mention it.

To be honest, Jarunik Nikruja, I don't know a whole lot about this Nemesis Season business. The Genesis Starfleet wasn't even supposed to participate in it.

  • When the Season ends, Jack Steel, all Yamatos throughout the universe, will shed their Tiers.

Yamatos cry?! Now I'm really confused!

  • No, Jack Steel, not the tears from your eyes; the Teirs that you have built around the core of the Yamato.

What?! That's crazy! What are you saying? Attention, everyone, gather around! Jarunik has something to share!


  • Thank you all for your attention. It is clear to me that no one here knows that at the end of this Nemesis Season, the Tiers that are surrounding the cores of all Yamatos, will detach and be rendered inactive. This is knowledge that is known by very few people. Yamato ships are built using the same material that you use for any ship. But the advanced Tiers that allow them to become so powerful are built with the use of STARDUST. Because STARDUST is such a dynamic substance, almost anything you do with it has a limited duration. The reason that Yamatos have Seasons is because the STARDUST is influenced by certain astronomical movements throughout the universe.

So how can this help us get off the planet, Jarunik?

  • Good question, Jack Steel. Since The Cryptoriddler's crew is not aware of this element, it will seem as if the Yamatos are falling apart. This will cause the superships to be evacuated. Those Tiers that detach from the cores will become space debris, but will still remain intact. If we send our rescue pod to the debris field with 6 men, they can return with 6 rescue pods. Those 6 rescue pods can then recover another 30, and exponentially onward by multiples of 6 until we have enough pods to take the entire crew off planet. With a small fleet of rescue pods, we can swarm the Yamatos and capture them.

Gentlemen, this sounds like a good plan to me! If we are able to grab those Yamatos, we can outrun The Cryptoriddler's ships, if he gives chase, and get back to Genesis1 to warn the Starfleet! What do you think?! Should we go for it?!


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