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As he stood like a frozen statue, staring at the monitor of the Control Room, The Cryptoriddler could feel his blood boiling. And yet, he remained silent and still, paralyzed by the illogical confusion that he was witnessing before his very eyes. Hour after hour, he watched as the Yamatos arrived from Genesis1, attacked and flew away, doing very little damage to his undefeated fleet. Finally, after a day of being mentally tormented, he exploded! ENOUGH!!!

Wild fists pounding on the console, The Cryptoriddler began grabbing whatever was nearby and throwing it at the monitor! The surrounding Officers took cover! ENOUGH!!! You slimy Genesis scum!!! Bring me the prisoners, NOOOOWWWW!!!

Jack Steel lay tired on his prison bed, looking up at the ceiling, wondering what was to become of him, and his Vice Admiral. This was not how things were suppose to go. Thought after thought of how to get out of this situation resulted in nothing but more frustration, and exhaustion. Suddenly, the force-field lowered and the guards rushed in to grab Jack and place him in restraints. They pushed and shoved Admiral Steel down the corridors, barely giving him the chance to maintain his balance. Out from a side corridor came other guards dragging a resistant Johnathan Maxwell across the floor towards the Control Room. Jack protested but was met with a blow to the head from the butt of a blaster. In the Control Room, both men were brought before the monitor and placed on their knees. The fiery-eyed Cryptoriddler roared out his commands!

Open a channel to the Genesis Starfleet!

  • Channel ready, Sir!

Attention you filthy lowlifes! Here are your precious heroes! Prepare to watch them die if you don't give me what I want, IMMEDIATELY!!!

On the screen appeared Commodore Curione of Genesis1. Seeing Jack and John on their knees, flanked by two executioners, the Commodore had no choice but to surrender to The Cryptoriddler's demands.

You will stop your pathetic attacks, IMMEDIATELY!!! You will send me your Yamatos, IMMEDIATELY!!! And you remain silent while you follow my orders! Or I will squash these Genesis bugs you see before you, IMMEDIATELY!!!

Commodore Curione could be seen silently pushing buttons. On the monitor appeared flashing lights indicating 4 Yamatos traveling from Strabase Genesis1 to Starbase P2. The Cryptoriddler's breathing began to calm slightly. Jack and John were ordered onto their feet.

Commodore Curione, you have made a wise decision. If you attempt to abort the mission, the next time you see these ugly heads, they will be detached from their bodies! Cryptoriddler out!!!

The screen displaying the Commodore went black. Jack Steel and Johnathan Maxwell were ordered back to their cells. The Cryptoriddler's second-in-command walked slowly over to him.

  • Sir, Dread Lord Mancer has already paid the ransom. We must deliver, or risk a war with the Zyklopians.

No need to concern yourself too much, Vice Admiral. When the Yamatos arrive, prepare the Transporter II to send to the Dread Lord what is rightfully his.

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