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As the men boarded the Yamatos, the tension could easily be felt in the air. It was never a pleasant moment for anyone, knowing that part of a mission included the possibility that you would not be returning alive. Nevertheless, the crew knew what needed to be done. Lieutenant Anthony Rafalski took the helm of the largest of the four superships, the Yamato7. The engines roared, and the monster war machines began their flight towards Starbase P2!

During the journey, all of the rescue pods were inspected, and adjusted to house two persons at a time. The Lieutenant went over the schematics of the Yamato to get a better understanding of how to best face the upcoming battles. In just under two hours, they finally reached their destination, and the moment of truth!


Okay men, listen carefully, as we don't have much time. Begin sending down the first wave of rescue pods, two men per pod. I need my strongest men to go first to carry our supplies and weapons to the caves. Stay alert, as The Cryptoriddler may know what we are up to. Let us hope that this is not the case! Good luck men, Lieutenant Rafalski out!

Dozens upon dozens of rescue pods ejected from the four mighty Yamatos, carrying men, supplies and weapons. On the ground, everyone sought to move as quickly as possible. Once the pods were emptied, the first wave returned to rejoin the Lieutenant for the coming battle.

Lieutenant, all of the pods have safely returned undetected, and the enemy fleet is approaching!!!

All men to your battle stations! Prepare to fire!

Lieutenant, should we focus on the Destroyers?!

No, Cadet, we have four Yamatos this time! There... focus all firepower on those Cruiser Kents!


This time we'll show them what this supership can do!!! FIRE!!!

Rockets, Bullets and Lasers all blazed out simultaneously, heading straight for The Cryptoriddler's 79 Cruiser Kents!

Lieutenant Rafalski!!! We've only destroyed 4 on them, Sir! And they are firing back! All of the Yamatos have already lost their Shields and Armor! We're not going to be able to fire again!!!

This can't be! I don't understand?! Attention, Genesis crew! Retreat to the inner core of the Yamatos and disengage from the outer Tiers! GO, GO, GO!!!

Just as in the previous battle, the fast Yamatos were able to detach from the destroyed outer Tiers, and set a course back to Genesis1. The confused Lieutenant continued to put pressure on the engineers to explain why the Yamatos were not performing better during the battles. Back at Genesis1, the smallest Yamato had to be left behind as it no longer had a protective Tier to assure that it would return. So the second wave parted with only 3 Yamatos.

Again, the rescue pods were launched, and the men on the ground were united with the rest of the crew hidden within the caves. The Lieutenant was relieved to know that The Cryptoriddler was not aware of the presence of the Genesis Army near the prison. And once again, the Yamatos were no match for the mighty fleet of Starbase P2! The second wave only destroyed 3 Cruiser Kents!!

Finally, after a long day of fighting, the Lieutenant ended the third wave of attacks, and gave up on trying to understand why these Yamatos were so powerless against The Cryptoriddler's immense fleet. Lieutenant Rafalski ordered the remaining men on-board to return to Genesis1, while he joined his men in the familiar caves of Starbase P2.

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