Goodbye 2010's, Welcome 2020's

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As we say goodbye to the 2010's, we reflect back on its tumultuous and exhausting years:

  • Trump smashed expectations, won 2016 and exposed the lies and corruption of the Democrats
  • Trump derangement syndrome triggering celebrities and the press, Mueller big nothing burger, impeachment hoax
  • The rise of woke culture destroying the fabric of society
  • Social media turned into a world of clowns
  • Politicians and actors getting away with obscene crimes
  • The fake news took over and demolished the essence of journalism
  • Socialism infiltrating the minds of young people
  • Brexit, will it ever happen?
  • Free speech no longer being defended on campuses, replaced by intolerance and violence against anyone opposing progressive (regressive) thoughts
  • USA-China trade wars, causing swings in economic confidence
  • Open borders policies firing back with increased migration putting strain on host countries
  • True environmentalism transforming into fear mongering climate change global agenda with a little girl at the helm, don't you dare question her
  • Syrian war destroying cities, and displacing millions out of their homes, causing a massive refugee crisis
  • ISIS brutality peaking with barbaric murders and ethnic/religious cleansings
  • Attacks against Christianity with burning churches around the world and the burning of Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris
  • Identity politics dominating the social and political landscapes
  • Social media going mad: Facebook privacy scandals, Twitter/Youtube suppression of conservative views
  • Tech giant Google increasing its grip on thought with manipulative/suppressive algorithms
  • PC feminist woke SJW inclusive remakes of classic movies ruining Hollywood

With 2020, a new decade begins. I hope it will bring change and a return to sanity. Peace and properity to all nations around the world. I wish you all a Happy New Year 2020

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