[VisualHunt] A Website Includes More Than 350 Million Free Images "Open Rights"

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As a content maker on Steemit, you need to deal with images, and often you need some high-resolution images for your posts.

Photo credit: ccPixs.com on VisualHunt / CC BY


Everyone knows that the #newsteem treats property rights very rigorously and can cause you serious problems that could reduce your reputation on the steemit platform and Downvoting your posts. . It can evolve in other forms. Respect for property rights is therefore essential and essential Steemit Platform.

If the @cheetah discovers that the photo is protected by copyright, it will tell readers that the photo is taken from somewhere else on the Internet. The owner of the publication must search for photos that are not protected by copyright and are Public domain.

But how to obtain unprotected or commercially authorized images?

Previously, I've touched on many web sites that offer you these images for free. It's okay to remind you :

[CC Search]

Creative Commons, a non-profit organization, has launched its new metadata search engine, which allows free, royalty-free images to be found in a range of 19 different locations. An effective and appropriate solution for creators!read more


"Photopin" is one of these sites and sources allowing you to download any image and insert it into any article without fear of property rights. This site is a search engine with millions of free images

But what's new today?

VisualHunt is one of these sites and resources that allows you to upload any image and insert it into any publication without fear of copyright. This site is a search engine with more than 350 million free images.


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