¡Holy crap! Wadda ballsache, wadda ballspain! (an ongoing experiment for a whole week)

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3Speak Memes2.jpg







¡Comercial Break!



Yeah! only during one week. ¡I swear!

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Cranky Gandalf


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Interaction + Engagement² - ℼ =

I think those charts indicate and interaction pump → soon.

Do you really believe so?

Thank you for the track, it was an enjoyable 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

Do you really believe so?

Not really,

but wishful thinking keeps me going.

It's not too late to enter your elevator steem sales pitch guys!! 😬

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Well played sir

@futuremind, I'm glad you liked the tune my friend. :)

@skramatters, ha, if you only knew this post has lotta to do specifically with that elevator steem sales pitch indeed. LoL

Edit: Uhm, something pretty curious is happening with this 'experiment'. Neither the last comment of @futuremind with the gif nor your comment @skramatters has been registered on the steem blockchain yet.