How to curate in #Newsteem as Minnow

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#Newsteem is upon us and the rules have changed.
We all had a week to look at it, we were even given some breaks, to reflect on everything.

It is here and it stays.

So, let's see, what we get out of it.

As author ("creator") we lost some bits.
As curator, we gained.

We gained 10 Minutes, that we can upvote earlier.
And get back 50% of your upvote.

But as a minnow curator, you have to watch out for that sweet 20 Steem spot in the graph above.
If you vote on any content, that is below it on payout, you will lose that percentage (not gaining it).

So, you better upvote known authors, that for sure get upvoted above the 20 Steem payout.
New authors, you should avoid. Wait for them, to get some whales on their back.

Don't upvote anything below 20 Steem.
Like my posting.
They never reach that spot.

Go into trending, look for the usual supects and upvote their shit.
Don't worry, the downvote rush is over, no one is doing this anymore around here.

If you are a whale, or have an upvote >20 Steem, you can just forget anything I said above.
You are the sweet spot and make the rules here.

Sad news, but that's #Newsteem

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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This content contains a lot of sarcasm.
You need a !BEER to calm your nerves a bit ;)

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Only here, the original!

Allright then i will not upvote your post ;-)

@nerdtopiade has upvoted your post!

Breaking the law!

This post has received a 3.13 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @isnochys.

Not sure if this is a good strategy. You also get a lot less rewards if you vote on something that already has a lot of votes. Stick with authors you like and you think deserve at least 20 Steem. Eventually a whale will find their content.

Still, better to vote after 5 minutes on articles of known High earners :)

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Hey @isnochys, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Do you already know our BEER Crowdfunding

Hello my friend, @isnochys, looks like I have to arrange for few more witness votes for you and make you a whale... Then you would be our sweet spot.. 😊 😊

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P. S. have the replays stopped now?

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I am always up for more votes :)

Replay on my node is now at 58%
But I am running currently on a faster node, too.
Better have a backup:)

So, I see you have broken into the top 100 witnesses! Congrats @isnochys!

At which point will you change your profile pic to a very happy and smiling portrait?? :) :) :)


See ya!

New Steem is Sad Steem then. 🤷

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why am i no sweet spot? :(

!BEER spot? :)

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