I think I now believe in the NewSteem move

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People have been talking so much about the NewSteem and the changes it brings. I must say I was never a believer in all what they said especially the part where it says the NewSteem will support and be of great help to content creators. When I joined steem in 2018, I was so excited and put so much effort in my contents but they always went unnoticed. It was even worse when you go to the trending page to see posts with few lines and a picture trending. It was so discouraging to me and nearly killed my interest in putting any seriousness in developing my content.

Even prior to the rise of the NewSteem move, my posts only got support from trails I was on and I strongly believed the way to go far in steem was through the help of communities. The lack of support led me to the wrong people at some point who introduced me to using bidbots. It was just some months back that OCD downvoted one of my posts that I promoted using bidbots and wrote a comment saying there is no need to use bidbots. That I should focus more on developing my content and it will be curated.

Then, it all dawned on me in that instant that indeed, the bidbots was not the answer and the fact that it was killing steem was something to reconsider. So, I stopped using bidbots and decided to give the NewSteem idea a chance. I went back to my old self when I first joined steem and started putting time into my content. I will have to say, it was a very good decision because I now get my contents curated without spending a cent. My efforts are now always recognized all thanks to the NewSteem idea.

I want to use this post to encourage everyone to support the NewSteem idea and all what it stands for. We can breathe a new life into steem if everyone jump into this sheep. It is a ship that can take steem to the next level with quality content receiving the recognition it deserves. This is a positive move in the right direction. I have to say, at least I am satisfied with the contents I see on the trending pages these days. If not all, atleast most are worth the upvotes they get.

The future of steem lies in our hands and it is steps like these that pushed steem in the right direction. The only sad thing though about the NewSteem is the power that have been given to individuals to downvote contents across the platform. I now receive strange downvotes from people I don't even know. It is surprising how people can abuse power and freedom given to them. It is so childish to see mature people go about just downvoting other people's content all over the place. Well, there is no perfect system I guess and I think this is one of the flaws we must handle under the NewSteem.

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