Today a new Steem user is born - Howto do the same!

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The Steem Blockchain has a new user

a new steemian is born on the steem blockchain 1.png

Yes, I did it again!

A business friend asked me about Crypto and Bitcoin. He was complaining about his past of doing nothing in this section.

You know what happened:

We had a longer discussion about all the different coins and tokens and so on. I was telling as well a bit about Steem and offered to help with a free account.

A day later

The person asked me again, said that the website of looks interesting but complex.

But than I heard the words:

Yes, please help me with a free account

This is so easy and we did it in a few minutes including printing all the keys - with this nice PDF - and giving an introduction on using the keys in the right way.

It is so easy
to help others
to join the
Steem Blockchain

Whenever my new born Steemian did some content, you might see this at my blog by a resteem.

How to quickly create a Steemian

My prefered way is the wonderful app from @steemchiller called

Just open it with your username and scroll down to Tools

Claim Account

Use your resource credits as the payment method and click on claim account as this does not cost anything. If you are low on RC you might even pay 3 Steem from your account.

There is the account creator section and this is really easy to use.


First find a cool name

I tried this one with "FrankZappa" but sadly this name is gone.


So, try a few different ones to find THAT unique name the New Steeminan like to live with. Just enter the new name, hit TAB and the tool tells you if the name is available or not.

Generate new KEYS

Another simple step with just a click



Confirm with your Keychain

Next step is that you confirm the new account and your payment by your Keychain - as this is so simple.

Login with the new User

Just go to and enter the Name of the new User and the Masterpassword to see this helpful screen


Hit the link with "Download a PDF with keys and instructions" and download and print this paper.

Hand this over to the New Steemian and explain with some examples the confusing story of different keys and all that stuff. Take some time for this and double check it the user understand everything. Yes, this takes some time, but the printed paper is a good part to stick to.


Show other help to start

If you prefer watching to reading, check out this video in which Steemit’s Content Director (@andrarchy) explains Steem’s Private Key system.

More is here to read

Nearly done

Give some advice to design the living room by adding a nice picture and the other things you might add to your profile like a nice background picture and a short about text



During my search I found this nice image and you may use it to invite more people to #Steem.

Picture by MES

Have a great day
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That's cool. I've used Steemworld to create a few accounts for people. I just hope they are not using the keys in the screenshot :) I would recommend people to use Keychain and Steempeak for a seamless experience.

LOL - the the keys in the Sreenshot are fake.

As beeing a European we are all having this GDPR pain since a year. This is now deep integrated in all our doing

This is my website....

This is my website on GDPR (UK DPA 2018)


Hey @cadawg, some great tools you hade build there.

I played with some a bit today. Have a !BEER on me

Hey @cadawg, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Keychain frequently not works for me. Mobile phone issues? Same with steemworld and steem-engine is mobile phone user unfriendly too.

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Does Keychain even work on mobile? I've not tried it.

@steevc Yes it does if your connection is fast enough. I don't know if it does with each browser. Happy day. ❤️

Yay for the new Steemian and you @detlev! And thanks for that explanation, I had no idea you could create a new Steemian through Steemworld. Now I do.

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/3 - need recharge?)

And it is so easy and does not cost you anything.

Even more interesting. If the new user have any issues, you are the recovery account.

And that calls for a good IPA !BEER

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Have a look to my #BeerCalendar - There is each day a nice beer from Belgium.

Awesome idea! Cheers on that!

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How many beers I need to have to be able to issue beer?

You need to have min. 10 BEER staked and then you can call for each 6 BEER you staked ONCE per Day the @BeerLover to send some BEER to someone else.

Is this the answer you are looking for to send !BEER to some other Steemians

Yes .... thanks :)

Hey @dalz, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Hey @detlev, here is a little bit of BEER from @cryptobrewmaster for you. Enjoy it!

I recently saw a new Steem account can be created with resource credits via SteemWorld. That is super awesome, definitely the easiest way.

Enjoy it and build many !!!

Perfect way to onboard new users!
They just have to trust you enough not to copy their private key 😉

Not necessarily.

Step 1: Have the new user generate keys and export them to a file



Step 2: Send file to creator


Step 3: Creator Imports Key File



Step 4: Create account


In most cases the new steemians are happy to have me as their recovery account.

I print them their keys on that nice pdf and tell them to keep this safe.
As well telling them how to change the keys any time

Yep, nice catch!

PS: Is arcange really a bad password? 😆




And show them the new communities like the BEER community I just created ...

How many RC does it cost to create a new account?
And how many SP do I need?

Right now - 9.66 Trillion RC Mana
I have 21.55 Trillion RC Mana at 100%
(It fluctuates depending on Accounts Claimed Recently)

So, with my SP of 10935, I estimate that 1 SP1970534260 RC MANA (1.97 Billion)

Therefore, at 100% RC, you'd need 9660/1.97 SP ≈ 4903.554 SP at 100% RC MANA at current account prices.

Have a nice day
~ @cadawg

Many thanks.....

and a !BEER from me

Hey @cadawg, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!


Ups, I don't know exactly. But why not asking @steemchiller or @cadawg for this.

Done the maths below!

@detlev thank you for letting us know about this channel to open new accounts! Very useful information 👍!

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you are welcome - have a great evening....

Let's hope the new account will be used too. I cannot say it went easily for me at that time. I had to wait for over 6 weeks. As I finally had my account those who invited me left.

Happy Sunday. 💕

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Nice post :)