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RE: So much for the NewSteem?

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I do not really see what is new, the real thing is that steemit is declining, because his confidence is being lost, and all good accounts gave Power down, and they are leaving, it is simple with that change he wants to restrict the leakage of the value of the steemt, because of the bad handling of the platform, more restrictions, less freedoms, is the one of failure ... and steemit does not escape that.

A question other than the topic, what do you do with eSteem Points (ESTM)?
thanks greetings!


Nowadays I mostly boost blog posts with eSteem Points (ESTM), which means that I receive an upvote with a given value in exchange for a given amount of eSteem Points (ESTM). The more eSteem Points (ESTM) I use to boost a blog post, the bigger upvote I receive. The minimum amount you need to use is 150 eSteem Points (ESTM), which nowadays gives approximately a $0.314 upvote. The maximum you can use ito boost a blog post is 2500 eSteem Points (ESTM), which nowadays gives approximately a $5.23 upvote. Nowadays I don't do serious boosts. I usually boost my blog posts with less than $1. The important thing about this is that you can use eSteem Points (ESTM) to boost only blog posts posted with eSteem. You can also use eSteem Points (ESTM) to promote blog posts. The developers of eSteem are developing more use cases for the eSteem Points (ESTM). For example later we will be able to exchange eSteem Points (ESTM) to Steem Power delegation, and also to trade (buy and sell) for Steem on the Steem Engine.

Thank you friends, excellent information, I didn't know all that! It will serve me, I thank you!