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After HF22, many have embraced #NewSteem and some are still whining over past things. It has definitely uplifted quality content and manual engagement which does include more Curation.

I have been trying to follow new users and already following many curation initiatives like @c-squared. You might notice that almost all the resteems done by it are high-quality and interesting to read. I have already found diverse and new users from its feed to regularly follow.

Yes, gamification for increasing curation rewards is also in place after HF but what you might find interesting about feed of @c-squared is that usually they are undervalued writers and if you upvote them just in time then later on you might find that almost all the post are doing great in terms of payout. Its a win-win both for writers and curators.

There are many more initiatives like these but this one I found to be very impressive one.



I had to read this on Steemit, because the contents of the blog post is not appearing in eSteem Surfer 2.2.0.
No images, no text, only an empty blog post. Only the comments are visible.
I am still writing this comment from eSteem Surfer 2.2.0. I will check the blog of @c-squared from time to time to discover/find new users and interesting contents. Maybe I will also join their curation initiative, because I don't always have time for the Steem blockchain to manually curate, and I don't want to waste my voting power.

eSteem is regularly being updated , you might want to check out SteemPeak too

I do use SteemPeak. I wrote this comment from SteemPeak.
My favorite feature of the SteemPeak is currently the ability to set beneficiaries to support other users, developers, dApps and communities.

True story bro, I follow the curation trail as well

Good call!

Lately, the emergence of curation trails without engagement is starting to pop. Personally I believe the new steem is a fail experiment and will not help the price to increase.

Posting on steem now is like finding cans on the street!

The curation trails were present before the HardFork 21 (HF21). I even used some in the past, but nowadays I am not using any curation trails, but maybe I will use some, because I don't always have time for the Steem blockchain to manually curate, and I don't want to waste my voting power.
But maybe you are still right in some level. The problem is the selfishness and the greed of the users. The developers can implement any HardFork they want, if the people will not change their behavior on the Steem, then that will not make more active users, will not attract investors, and the price of the Steem will not increase.
The time will tell whether the new Steem experiment is a fail or not.

Yes, traffic has been less but experimentation is needed to evolve. This HF can possibly fail but it does give insight to improve things for future. Hopefully SPS factor will improve the steem price, we have to give it little time to perform.

I've been out of the loop for 2 weeks and it looks like a lot has happened. I'm looking forward to catchin up.

Good to know you are back in loop.

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What is it

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Why not?!

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Great! Now I know I can follow this one! =)

When to upvote for max curation rewards?