I'm starting to feel like HF22 is in the clear, stress going down

Bittrex and Binance are back up. There haven't been any more bugs that popped up. I think things are going to a new normal. The trick with bugs is that they can show up later and unexpectedly, but for now I'm feeling pretty good.


SPS is funding projects
downvotes are hitting posts (especially botted ones)
Bots are pretty inactive though not totally dead
trending is much different

Posts are down - stats from @penguinpablo

If there's something that is a little worrisome then it's posts are down. This might not be terrible though. Could be that there's less incentive to spam, and that would be good. Could be that there's less incentive to post, and that would be bad.

Author rewards are down some, but if there are fewer authors your value per post could potentially go up.

@justineh was saying she's finding it harder to curate, so that would indicate that there's fewer quality posts going up. That's probably not great for the ecosystem as a whole, but could make for some better post rewards for authors who are continuing to post.

If you hodl now you can make bank later

Keep in mind that if you author, HODL, and we exit the 2 year bear market down the road these rewards could be worth a lot more. So, now is literally one of the best times you'll get to capture steem.

Another interesting observation: voting is up

As you can see it looks like people are starting to vote a little more. It's too early to tell if this is a sustained increase, but it seems like voting engagement is turning around.

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Comment upvote is guess what? Down like an asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.

Such a shame about the dinosaurs. I really liked the triceratops.

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Thanks for sharing some stats, I appreciate it.

"If there's something that is a little worrisome then it's posts are down. This might not be terrible though. Could be that there's less incentive to spam, and that would be good. Could be that there's less incentive to post, and that would be bad."

I think it's a mix of the two. #newsteem is about rewarding quality content and with the free flags, I think people who previously didn't feel that they published high quality, has become hesitant to post, as they face the risk of being flagged if they don't publish content that is of "enough" high quality according to others.

On top of that, we have the reward changes. Authors are making less, and authors who previously struggled to earn, are struggling more than ever before, so many of them are obviously feeling discouraged.

Besides that, we also have the decrease in comments due to the fact that people aren't rewarding comments like before. This is yet another thing that discourages many users as many of them earned at least something from making comments.

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone though, even the smallest child knew that HF21 would have this sort of impact. What matters now is what people do further on to encourage, motivate and reward others. Including the lesser accounts.

I even wrote a post about the importance of comments and engagement, and how people actually can and will benefit from the decrease. The real question is if people will believe what I say, and if authors will do what I said.

I was skeptical prior to HF21, but I have seen many good things afterwards, so I would say that #newsteem is looking good so far. I just hope it continues in the same direction. It's a loss for many short term, but I do believe that it's for the greater good, long term.

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I think there is less incentive to post. Unless you’re a whale of course. Why would a low level account keep posting if they are earning even less than before?

It’s a curation game now.

Steemmonsters is Working Just Fine......Thank You @aggroed

Overall, I like what we are seeing with the HFs ;)

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That's exactly how I feel now. I just made a post on how I pulled back my delegations on a few projects to try and get myself into curating more actively as well to keep on posting and hopefully create more quality posts that are voted organically and also attract new followers. The hardest part has been just as @justineh stated its been a bit harder but I hope that it will get easier focusing on specific topics and tags or using tribes to get what we want to see rather than just the whole bunch of data being added every second.

Wading back into Steemit; I saw a lot of great art on my feed today. Steemit is full of amazing art, photos and ideas I am grateful to some of the new front ends making them easier to find.

It boggles my mind that some posters will leave and not create content when the price is low. As you pointed out, when the price is low its easier to attain more Steem in rewards.

I think we discussed this sometime back before the hardfork was implemented. As it was small accounts barely made a dime and now it is twice as bad.

I could easily quit myself since I have a smaller account but despite my previous apprehension to the fork I see things are changing for the better. I am a believer now.

It is a shame that the change is coming at the expense of small accounts but tribes are genuinely one of the best options at the moment to earn or grow faster.

I would love to see the stats on new accounts. That is probably on the low as well.

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@justineh was saying she's finding it harder to curate, so that would indicate that there's fewer quality posts going up.

That's also my observation after browsing the photography sections during the last couple of weeks - I am having difficulties putting all my voting power to good use.

I decided to power-up, hodl and curate, but I am not overly optimistic yet :)

It could be that people are using their hashtag space for Tribes instead of using descriptive hashtags.

That would make post discovery a little bit harder 👍

A drop in the number of posts is fine for now. What we were sorely lacking was consumers of content. With higher curation rewards that is improving. Higher earnings on existing posts will bring back the authors.

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Bitcoin is about to take a massive leg down. Steem will take a nasty hit. After that I think we can say we are in the clear.

Thats not good!

bakkt goes live on the 23rd. I expect the opposite.

SO the dump is finally over I think. Now I am expecting things to go sideways for a bit.

@aggroed, Yes, Vote Based Engagement is rising and this is clear indicator that now Curation is the game.

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