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RE: BUYING BITCOIN/STEEM IN MALAYSIA - which platform would you recommend?

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Is Localbitcoins not available in Malaysia?


Supposedly that one is P2P sot there is no such thing as "not being" available. As long there is someone in the country doing it... it's available. Anyone can do it. But it works like anything else... say if you have STEEM, and if I go to malaysia and I wish to borrow from you 10$US equivalent in local currency... I just send you via my STEEM account, X STEEM, ou give me the money, Done! Works with ANY currency.

Localbitcoin potentially allows the seller of btc to create their own fee per sale. So you might end up paying 1.5 times what the actual market cap is, and thus you would end up getting less coins.

This isn't typical, but it's like craigslist for btc, so users are setting to and agreeing to their own terms. A seller or vendor can also ask for verification based on the users intended method of payment, and they also as a noted disclaimer, reserve the right to deny you the sale of their btc, since you are swapping with a person, and not an actual exchange.