Portuguese immigration services (SEF) killed an ucranian citizen by beating and torturing him at the airport

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A weird, sad and for many unoticed event, in a already crazy COVID world it was a month ago (12th March) the killing of an ucranian citizen (Ilhor) after being rejected entry along with two other ucranians causing disturbances and showing some aggressive behaviour (altough not beating anyone) in the Lisbon airport. Acording to the SEF interview transcript they were going to sign work contracts in the next days for one or two companies.

He was stuck in the airport for a day or two and was being sent back to Turkey, which he refused later to board the plane.
SEF, the portuguese immigration services tortured and beaten this man in an interrogation room with no cameras but security staff and workers heard the beating in the room, some even tried to intervein but were denied entry, after leaving the inspectors even bragged.

He suffered for 10 hours with broken ribs afecting respiration, later sucumbing to his death. There was also signs of choking and he suffered from epilepsy having suffered seizures in the airport while detained.
In the report it was stated he suffered injuries in the street..

The board of direction of these services resigned shortly after, while the Judiciary Police is now investigating the case and the suspects were put in house arrest.