Track and Trace Privacy Concerns Reduce Patient Compliance. Blockchain to the Rescue?

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My initial response to the SARS2 outbreak in China was strongly impacted by the fact that I had just had a heart attack, and was feeling very mortal. I know we all saw the outrageous oppressions the CCP undertook and were horrified. People being welded into apartments, and whole apartment buildings having their doors blocked by tons of soil and rocks against them seemed surreal, and it was definitely alarming.

Scientific papers were being published with terrible fatality and transmission rates that had us all wondering if we'd be soon seeing scenes from Hieronymous Bosch paintings and the medieval plagues of Europe.

IMG source - BBC I think

However, the accumulated data now suggests the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus is pretty mild, with CFR estimates well below 1%, similar to the seasonal flu.

But the early frightening numbers drove huge efforts to track and trace people who might have been exposed, and even though tracking and tracing folks isn't warranted by seasonal flu's CFR, Orwellian governments are still pushing invasive surveillance citing the need to track and trace.

As soon as I understood the creepy surveillance being implemented, I quit carrying a cell phone outside my home at all. This has been inconvenient (I had a pleasant walk out of a remote area where my vehicle broke down one day, to get to a phone), I reckon the invasive and deceptive nature of the surveillance to have become intolerable after I saw a video of a man being forcibly assaulted with a hypodermic needle against his will.

I'd really prefer not to have to prevent such an assault on me, much preferring occasional pleasant walks innawoods to armed confrontations.

Let's hope that reason soon prevails, as the CFR continues to drop, and the unreasonable imposition of surveillance for track and trace purposes is dropped when no pretense it is necessary is possible. But that's just not going to happen everywhere.

India seems particularly dedicated to tracking and tracing their hapless subjects officially (although many folks even here in the US are reporting that track and trace apps were installed on their phones without their consent), and the apps present extreme hazards to PII (Personally Identifiable Information), which is already a monumental problem in India today.


Some folks are trying to use blockchain tech to safeguard PII data yet still enable the creepy surveillance government is insisting on.

"One of the biggest issues in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic has been that people are hesitant to come out for testing due to privacy issues and social stigma of being labelled as a suspect case. Speaking to Inc42, Vaideeswaran Sethuraman, founder and CEO of blockchain startup Param Network, said that with the help of blockchain, testing centres could publish data pseudo-anonymously and track the positive cases. This would help the government quickly act on policies to quarantine and lockdown the affected neighbourhoods"


While I am more concerned about actual oppressive force than mere privacy issues, Indians may look differently at these matters than I do. Hell, almost everybody looks at these issues differently than I do, or Fakebook, Twatter, and Goolag wouldn't even exist anymore.

Anyway, here's a link to have a read at if you want to better understand the matter.

Personally, I'm tempted to go back to a landline. It's far too difficult to actually control what apps do what on cell phones now, and I can't use CDMA phones that aren't susceptible to the problem anymore.

IMHO smart is looking pretty dumb right now, and the invasion of privacy these devices are effecting has become utterly intolerable to me. I sure as hell don't want my fridge snitching to the CDC or the WHO about all the bacon and dairy products I eat. Pretty sure when this plandemic wears out, we'll be seeing bacon sniffing trucks roaming around looking for potential atherosclerotic victims to forcibly restrain and re-educate to a proper plant and cockroach milk based diet.

They can pry my bacon from my greasy, bloated, dead fingers.


A few more covid cases in Melbourne, Victoria and they're practically locking people in their apartment blocks for refusing to be tested. Hopefully they don't go as far as welding them in.

I've given up worrying about being tracked any more. There are that many cameras tracking cars here and it turns out South Australia has everyone's driver's licences on a facial recognition database ready to swing into action.

I do not suggest worrying. I recommend carefully considering how to remain able to live despite tyrannical impositions of oppressive lockdown that I foresee continuing to increase in severity going forward.

While worry will do you no good, complacency might do you great harm. Acting to secure your future isn't worrying. It's how to prevent worrying.

All you have to do to take your cell phone with you without being traced is to shut it off and wrap it in tin foil before you leave....that way if an emergency does arise where your car breaks down you can unwrap it and call for assistance.

Maybe. I have not studied the utility of tinfoil as a Faraday cage. I am absolutely sure that not having a cell phone with me will prevent being tracked by my cell phone, and I am well able to handle the lack of communications from time to time.

I look forward to gaining the ability to manufacture my own communications devices, communicate over secure and uncensorable networks, and the demise of bad actors seeking to ever increase their power over me.

Why reinvent the wheel?....just make sure the right message gets sent out.
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I look forward to gaining the ability to manufacture my own communications devices, communicate over secure and uncensorable networks, and the demise of bad actors seeking to ever increase their power over me.

That really sounds nice, but Quantum Computing will soon make all "cryptography" obsolete (if it hasn't already).

And Artificial Hyper-intelligence will make (real-time) "tracking" obsolete (complex predictive modeling) (if it hasn't already).

"...Artificial Hyper-intelligence..."

In about a million years. It's absolutely ridiculous that any kind of general AI will arise in my lifetime. I will allow you to compare complex predictive modeling that would make surveillance obsolete with the complex predictive models presently in use for predicting pandemics and climate change.

Protip: they're absolute garbage, and there's no sign they'll ever get any better.

That's what they said about GO.

It's only 12 minutes,

Humans have advantages in general competence that researchers into AI still have failed to even grasp, much less encompass. No neural net yet approaches the complexity of our brains. Hell, we still don't grasp the extent of that complexity.

The target isn't even in view.

Additionally, the reasons we have our brains involve ~4byr of evolution. I submit it is farcical to compare our engineering competence with that legacy.

It is notable, and a core truth that supports my thesis, that GO mastering machines, or Wolfram natural language processing AI, or any AI anywhere, are incapable of even an infinitesimal fraction of the diversity of tasks faced by organisms. They can solve a particular puzzle they are designed to and tasked with admirably (we make good tools), but none of them can also tie shoes - unless you design them to do that specific task.

General AI just doesn't exist, and is unlikely to arise until long after I'm dead. We don't even comprehend our own complexity, and aren't competent to even compare what we can do to what our tools can do. We don't even understand ourselves, and it is undeniable that we can't even design a metric that can compare us to AI. Until we can define us, that will remain true, and that is a hurdle that AI development will first have to surmount before actually developing machines that can meet or exceed those attributes can be undertaken.

We literally don't even know what hyper intelligence means, much less approach creating it.

Let me know when someone develops an AI that can crunch the numbers on whatever task it's designed for, and also tie shoes. It'll be a while. Also, note that 'tie one's shoes' is a metaphor for basic tasks that people easily and naturally can learn and complete, not some magical standard that if a machine actually can be programmed to complete, will signify it's our equal. Brushing teeth, dressing, and other tasks we experience as facile and all but mindlessly easy, are all similarly beyond the conceivable reach of AI today.

4 billion years of evolution is a lot of refinement. We have no idea just what that entails, and a lot less idea of how to surpass it.

BTW, don't get me wrong. I'm a huge fan of AI. I use lots of AI every day. It's on this computer, on my phone, in my truck. I look forward to AI that can automate many more tasks, like watering my garden, or feeding my chickens.

Those are why we need AI. Those kinds of things are what AI is good at. Not being chickens. Chickens kick every AIs ass at being chickens today, and will for as long as I can foresee.


Individual human psychology is significantly LESS COMPLEX than your pandemic and climate change examples.

AND even iff the OWNERS had truly accurate predictive systems, it would seem to be in their best interest to pretend they were relying on "incomplete and or faulty data".

What you neglect is that our grasp of that psychology is utterly puerile. Psychology is not a science at all. It is impossible today to predict what an individual will do faced with a set of environmental constraints. Science is only competent to predict the most basic of physical events, like light passing through a pair of slits - and even so remains utterly incapable of grasping why light acts the way it does. The multiple layers of increasing complexity between such simple physics and psychology is literally inconceivably impenetrable scientifically today, and psychologists naught but con artists.

More of import is that our psychology is only surficially of impact to our behaviour. Most of what we do has nothing to do with our consciousness. It's innate behaviour genetically determined, and we don't even know which behaviour, what genes produce it, or why.

We can't even conceive of a machine that can do this, much less make one better at it than us.

Most of what we do has nothing to do with our consciousness.

This is true.

And this is what makes Humans so easy to predict.

People are predictable when they set out to be. They don't always do that. Is everyone in Baghdad a terrorist? How can you tell? We can predict there are some, maybe even get close to how many there are, but no one can predict when you will go over the edge and commit acts intended to terrorize others, or whether you will.

We can't even conceive of a machine that can do this, much less make one better at it than us.

This statement is provably false.

Edward Bernays and Cambridge Analytica are proof positive that Humans can be and are being very accurately predicted and influenced.

In 2 minutes,

Also, please watch this [other] informative documentary [regarding cointelpro] for free, no sign-up, LINK


While we certainly can be predictable, and manipulated thereby, it is not at all a scientific grasp, but intuitive. Some statistics can be derived, but outliers always exist and confound our ability to formulate laws that rule our consciousness.

We aren't machines.

We are sacred.

When we are utterly maintaining that in our awareness, we become immune to influence - if we intend to be. We are far more than we realize we are. What is true is that the more we know about our minds and consciousness, the more we realize there is to know that we don't.

As long as this is true, hyperintelligent general AI will remain impossible to create. What intelligence is will remain undefinable, and thus unattainable by our engineering. We can make tools, not minds.

This guy understood that.


Your "conscious mind" is merely fabricating ex-post-facto "explanations" for your very simple animal instincts.

Explained in 5 minutes,

I think that is true to an extent. Human beings are cognitively unpredictable to a degree. This is why inventions arise, art is created, and reason deployed.

It is an interesting situation. I also try to keep in mind that what I believe informs what I perceive. If I don't believe something is possible, even if I see it before my eyes, I may not actually see it for what it is, but my brain may manufacture some other explanation. I also sometimes force myself to acknowledge that I don't know what I am seeing, and like to think that I would not explain why I was holding the Rubik's Cube if I wasn't actually holding it.

I also have experienced lucid dreams where there are actually three of me present: the Dreamer, the Dreamee, and the lucid consciousness I am when awake that was watching me dream, both the receipt of the dream and the act of composing the dream.

When I was 8 or so, I was using limpets for bait to catch sculpins by hand in the tide pools on the beach of Baranof Island. One of the limpet shells shattered when I scooped the limpet out of the shell with my thumb, but I noticed nothing wrong, so I dropped the bait into the pool, and lurked above, ready to pounce on my dinner.

I saw a droplet fall into the pool, and noticed it was blood. I looked at my thumb, and it was deeply lacerated from the razor sharp shell fragments.

Suddenly, it hurt.

That was extremely educational, and remains of import to me in my daily life. It's why I am able to work construction as I have more than two decades after suffering injury to my back. Today I spent hours trenching with an axe in one hand and a sledge hammer in the other. I am able to decide to suffer or not from the pain I experience, and still be able to judge whether I am injuring me from doing stuff that I shouldn't.

After the work is over, I let the pain free from the oblivion I keep it in while I work.


Thanks for the suggestion!

Yeah the surveillance on people has been the worst part. It’s not much solace but I disabled all of the tracking stuff on my phone since this. I shut off location services completely. It’s kind of funny that they give you like 5 warnings trying to do it because they want it on so badly. One is to warn you if you lose your phone you won’t be able to use the tracer app to get it back. Then there’s cell tower optimization and some others. No thanks turn it all off.

What’s cdma I’m not familiar with that one

CDMA was the old cell phone standard that the 'G' standard has replaced. Phones based on that tech did not have apps, GPS, and etc. I used to carry one with me, but they don't work on modern networks anymore.

You can still purchase a "dumb" cell phone that doesn't support "apps".

Only ones I've seen are those I have, and CDMA phones don't work anymore.


Just as much as most people cannot seem to live without any a mobile phone, communication is essential to the elderly, especially when they are living alone. Mobile phones come very handy not only in staying connected with loved ones, but also during emergencies. Fortunately, there are a lot of senior friendly cellphones in the market with large screen display and very simple interface. Snapfon Ez One for instance caters to the market with large buttons and accessible SOS button. Samsung Jitterbug also takes pride in offering basic cellphone features to send messages and make and receive calls. LINK

I suspect those phones are surveillance friendly. Just because they don't offer apps that old folks have no idea how to use doesn't mean they aren't jampacked with apps to keep tabs on those folks.

I'll see if I can find more information on that aspect of these devices, but also note that they don't seem available in any market where I could purchase them.

Also, I have lived most of my life without cell phones, and don't see that as much of a hardship.


Good points. Even the "old" cell phones were traceable by the telecoms and government agencies (call logs and tower triangulation).

At least with these "dumb" phones you won't be adding any additional corporate trackers (or blutooth scammers).

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I also had to do so. I think it's the only mute I have used. I reckon it should be the standard treatment of automated comments platform wide, myself.

Ah ok thanks, so one of the old flip phones we all had back in the 2000's. Sucks that they don't work on the 3g 4g or 5g networks but planned obsolescence and their need for an easy tracking device have proven very fruitful in their adoption.

Glad you got rid of fear, @valued-customer :)

Fear is my buddy. It is my best friend in all the world, keeping me on my toes, alerting me to danger. However, like anyone, it is a terrible master, and I have used reason to overcome my fear. I control my actions, not fear, and this is why it is my friend, and neither my master nor ignored and without my attention.

lol nice try

IMHO smart is looking pretty dumb right now, and the invasion of privacy these devices are effecting has become utterly intolerable to me. I sure as hell don't want my fridge snitching to the CDC or the WHO about all the bacon and dairy products I eat. Pretty sure when this plandemic wears out, we'll be seeing bacon sniffing trucks roaming around looking for potential atherosclerotic victims to forcibly restrain and re-educate to a proper plant and cockroach milk based diet.

Well stated.