The Eye of the Storm Reveals what the Storm Conceals; Dr. Shiva for Senate

in news •  2 months ago 

From developing email as a secretarial solution to interoffice memos, to building human immune capability destroyed by industrial factory food, Dr. Shiva has seen the epicenter of the present assault on global humanity intended to subjugate us to vampiric banksters financially parasitizing us all.

@arabisouri does us Yoeman's service by bringing this to our attention.

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Oh yeah I really like this guy, wish he was running in my state.
Just listened to an interview with him on the X-22Report Spotlight on YouTube. worth a listen.

O.o Here

I learned today that senator is an anagram for treason.

Shocking, I know. Not a comment on Dr.Shiva, but certainly relevant to US government.

Relevant for Senators since ancient Rome lol


@arabisouri is Syrian?

I believe so. I note they are well informed on the hostilities there, and strongly advocate for them to end. I could not agree more with them on that.