Arson: an Act of War

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For those that don't know, I live in Oregon. Oregon is on fire all up and down the I5 corridor.

I've been listening to the Clackamas County Sheriff's radio for hours now, and they have responded to multiple arson calls. Here's a partial list of arsons that are destroying the beautiful forests I live in:

IMG source - /pol/ - a board of peace

What is apparent about these arsons is that they were all coordinated and set by an organized terrorist group. These aren't lightning fires, backyard burns gone out of control, or just downed powerlines. Oregon has never had a spate of arsons comparable to this ever, and all these are from the last 72 hours.

This is a deliberate, politically motivated attack on rural Oregonians intended to destroy their homes, communities, livelihoods, and remove them from their land, or kill them all. It's an attack on me and my kids, my neighbors, my homeland.

Worse, someone has tried to profit from the attack.

IMG source - /pol/ - dunno where they stole it

Gov. Kate Brown, who last year threatened to have the State Police arrest legislators and almost sparked a civil war, spoke, declaring a state of emergency. She blamed climate change. Should I need to mention she's a progressive leftist and was trying to ram carbon credit legislation through when she almost started a shooting war?

That legislation would have decimated the rural industries Oregonians depend on for their lives. Tillamook dairy products would have vanished from shelves worldwide. That's why her climate change comments are believed to be misdirection, and why she is believed to be in favor of rural Oregon being destroyed by Antifa arson. She already tried to do it with legislation. Arson is sure as hell not caused by CO2 rising.

Some of the arson arrests are associated with or linked to Antifa, which the political left insists are peaceful protesters. Folks where I live don't call statewide coordinated arson peaceful protest. They call it attempted murder, terrorism, and an act of war.

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Locals are setting up checkpoints to keep outsiders out, so they don't start more fires. Citizens are patrolling logging roads, looking for cars with out of state plates, or no plates, and lots of gas cans. Cops patrol the highways, but the backroads, not so much.

If you ain't from here, and ain't a firefighter, now is not a good time to visit.

One town I lived in has been obliterated, and there's a long list of towns destroyed by these arson fires. Too long. The fires approach the outskirts of PDX now. There have been massive evacuations already, but if firefighters can't stop these fires, thousands may die.

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Folks, keep an eye out for tweets or posts bragging up the attack on Oregon. People here are interested. The hardy farmers, fisherman, and loggers I serve here reckon they've been attacked by Antifa in an act of war. Oregon is an open carry state, and a lot of folks that didn't used to carry do now, because they intend to shoot arsonists on sight.

Hereabouts, they're thinking Kate Brown and Antifa are trying to kill them for their land.

I'm not sure they're wrong about that. We'll have to see if a bunch of these arsonists are released, like they have been in the riots. If they are, God help the cities.

God will have to forgive Antifa for this, if they are shown to be behind it.

I won't.

Stay safe.


Apparently, as if we didn't already know, Rich Higgins confirmed that FBI was penetrated by insurgents:

-Oregon Sheriff's Deputy Placed on Leave after Video Goes Viral-

The enemedia are claiming he's been placed on leave because he's spouting conspiracy theories, but that's not true. He revealed too much information regarding ongoing investigations to the public, which compromised the investigation, and that's why he's on leave.

That may be why the arsons seem to have ended, because the perps knew they were being discovered after that video came out.

A Captain in his County Sheriff's Department discussed with Clackamas County Commissioners during their live stream last night more of that investigation, while they debated calling the Governor to request National Guard assistance. The deputy just let it slip to a citizen/copwatcher, and that is a no no for a cop investigating an ongoing crime.

The Captain specifically discussed Antifa, fireworks, molotovs, and using chainsaws to cut down power poles as part of a coordinated terrorist attack on Oregon.

I have in a comment elsewhere linked to a thread with video and partial transcripts of the Clackamas County Commissioners' livestream, which will verify the Deputy's statements as factual and not conspiracy theories of some tinfoil hat wearing hick. After the investigation is complete, he should sue the enemedia lying about his statements for libel.

He's been wronged.

He's been wronged.

Yes, he has. Sounded like he couldn't hold it in and I commend him for not holding in that truth.

The social media onslaught is a giant Astroturfing session as I mentioned before. Gaslighting the public the same way the FBI/Media are. It is a mess.

I just received this message and have not been able to verify all of it yet, but have already many of them:

9/7/20 - Salinas, CA - Anita Esquivel arrested for starting fires along hwy 101 in California. BLM
9/9/20 - Roseburg - 5 people arrested for starting 2 fires in Sutherlin, 2 in Glide and 1 in Reedsport.
9/9/20 - Puyallup, WA - witnessed a man starting fire - police arrested ANTIFA/BLM rioter-Jeffrey Acord extinguished the fires.
9/9/20 - Spokane, WA - Christine Camello arrested for starting multiple fires, extinguished. BLM
9/9/20 - Dexter, OR - a man was witnessed starting a fire at campground in Dexter along hwy 58, extinguished.
9/8/20 - Eugene, OR - Elias Newton arrested for starting a fire that burned nearly 400 acres in Sweet Creek near Mapleton.
9/9/20 - Junction City, OR - man arrested for lighting illegal fireworks next to business with wood and dry grass. Police found additional mortars at his home.
9/9/20 - Albany, OR - man was witnessed starting 4 fires along I5, driving a black Mini Cooper, Zachary Lange-ANTIFA- not yet arrested, fires extinguished.
9/8/20 - Eagle Point, OR - man was witnessed starting a fire by vandalizing an electrical box. He ran away and passerby's extinguished the fire. Suspected to have started the Obenchain fire which is now 8,000 acres and growing.

  • Arson Fires 🔥 also suspected in Mollalla, Tillamook, Clackamas County and Chelatchie Prarie near the Yacolt Burn

I know there are more that are on this list, but I have not finished my own list yet. I'll update you when I do. Keep up the GOOD fight.

I was unaware of Zachary Lange. I appreciate the heads up. I have people in Albany he was trying to kill.


Very surreal considering how long I lived in Beaverton and Portland.
Even worked at PDX airport for a year.
Stay safe and good luck out there.

No kidding your from Oregon too? Fire!!!

I was there for while but I'm back in California at the moment.

The real heros of these fires...

Just posted about this.

And california had even.more fires hit. Be careful!

Let's hang out one day unless the world ends before we can blaze one.

lol man I don't know if you want to see that day :D
I can be pretty intense.
The Ganja turns me into an antisocial madman.
We'll see.

Thank you thank you. I am nearby as well an have family and friends that have lost, everything aside from the clothes on their backs.
These terrorists have targeted not only their stated adversary, but innocent women, children, elders, men, and the livelihoods of a vast number of 'mom and pop' type communities, who had nothing to even do with politics. Let alone just a different 'political party'..

These terrorist arsonists are all over social media as well. They pose as 'just part of the community', and gather information as to who is who and what is what. They can be very easily identified, by their actions/speech, and no matter what the mainstream media or the idiot corrupt politicians say, law enforcement indeed does need valuable intel from the community.

For the meantime, as @valued-customer says, The people are going to have to protect their own, on their own as well from a legitimate terrorist incursion and attack on USA soil.

When the mainstream media does double time and goes all out, to avoid even mentioning Arson, let alone the multiple arrests and the Sheriffs/Marshall/Etc speaking up that is all being hushed, then you know what you need to know.

This is standard Soviet style formatting before a Coup and then Purge. Antifa are 'America's Bolsheviks' or 'America's Antifaschistische Aktion'. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever.


..and for those that don't know their history. Anyone can join Antifa. You just have to leave your conscience at the door, which is why they open the prisons up every time first, and get the career criminals on board. The 'useless idiots' that do it for free are just a bonus to them.

Its not Antifa, its the people behind Antifa. These aren't useful idiots, these are professionals hired to do this.

As an example, two banks in La Mesa, Komifornia burned to the ground.
These were modern banks made of steel studs and big open lobbies.
As in, NOTHING to burn.
There was nothing there that spark, a Molotov, could set on fire.

So, someone brought in enough incendiaries to light these two buildings up when the riots happened later that night.


So, someone brought in enough incendiaries to light these two buildings up when the riots happened later that night.


Many of the arson reports made by civilians mention fireworks (and molotovs, which rioters demonstrably have been using), and the rioters have been using fireworks as means to disrupt police for many weeks now.

I sure hope local law enforcement are testing these firework remains for taggants, which are included in the manufacturing process, so that if the same batches are used both in riots and wildfire arson that can be proved.

FBI is compromised and stating that Antifa is a good boy that doesn't start wildfires, although Loren Cannon (SAC PDX FBI Field Office, promoted from HR by James Comey) lies because there's no way that can be proved now, or even at all, since they have only a dozen or so arsonists in custody, and one of them is Jeff Acorde (sp?) of Puyallup, who is definitely Antifa/BLM.

County Sheriffs need to do their own tests, using private labs if necessary, and share info with each other to sidestep FBI obstruction.

I agree. I reckon the mercs are paid to lead the herds of useful idiots to loot and riot, but I hear from my people in PDX that they haven't been doing that - while the arsons have been being committed.

I have not slept again while I dug into arson reports. Over 100 reports of arson, many specifically mentioning Antifa or anarchists, and more than a dozen arrests for arson over the last few days up and down the I5 corridor.

OSP tweeted begging people to stop reporting Antifa was setting fires. Not investigating and saying it wasn't them. Begging not to receive the evidence of eyewitnesses. Every paper and local TV channel in OR seems to have the same headline: Antifa not setting the fires!

This isn't the result of those 'journalists' investigating all of the 100+ reports. This a coordinated narrative to deny the group that has been setting fires in cities across America and chanting 'burn it all down' were murdering people by burning them to death in Oregon before any investigations were done.

It's not just paid mercs rousing rabble. It's a coordinated terrorist attack like 9/11 involving government, mercs, banksters, and their pet propaganda outlets/CIA ops. The local and state Dems are encouraging riots that will provide the RINO feds the excuse to institute martial law without activating militias that would otherwise BTFO them as tyranny.

Trump and the deep state work together, just as they did to get him elected by having the enemedia declare him their enemy so that naive Americans would think the enemy of the enemedia was their friend. The Hegelian Dialectic, Divide and Conquer, and domestic terrorism continue to destroy America.

They've got the militia out now, roadblocking outsiders who might be arsonists, which is just where the feds can pick them off unit by unit. Only by disarming the people can martial law be imposed here like it has been in Oz. That's why the arson. To bring out the militia - but not against the feds - so they can be disarmed.


Fuck all this shit! Stay strong...

Isn't there a way for citizens to come together to start impeachment proceedings against her? Once it starts, I bet many more, even politicians, will join.

Patrolling and so on is a good positive step...but (they say that the fish starts to stink from the head) as long as you have people in charge who are the enemy of the people, and you allow them to rule, patrolling will only reduce the fires, not stop them.

Fight back! - but also Be Effective!

There's ongoing impeachment efforts being undertaken, with petitioners dotting rural areas to get something done. Politicians, however, have centuries of practice ignoring the will of the people, and are now.

That's why there was almost a shooting war last year, as the big city Dems tried to ram through carbon credit legislation, which they couldn't do without a quorum to vote. Reps bailed and Gov. Brown ordered OSP to arrest them and bring them to fill their seats. Sen. Boquist, a former merc, pointed out he'd been a political prisoner before, overseas, and would not be one in America for serving his community in Congress. He told OSP to send heavily armed bachelors after him, and not married men with kids.

They declined to arrest him.

Oregon is strongly divided between the big leftist cities and the hardy rural folks that work the land for a living, and we're heavily outnumbered. We're a vote by mail state too, which sorta makes voting pointless anyway. It's not even the voters that count. It's the counters of the votes that count, and they're all in the cities.

Voting isn't gonna keep us free. It's not even gonna keep us alive, as this massive assault reveals.

H.L. Mencken — 'Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.'

IMG source -

When you see your homeland become Mordor, there's not much else you can do about it.

Extra extra read all about it last night I went out to fight the fires in estacada.

Ended up crippled today and barely walking. It is crazy out there be careful.

Suspected arson event still has me pretty shook even though we got the fire out the evidence was clear.

May everyone say prayers for those who have lost everything they own.

yes we have a lot of people arrested but how many people went out and lit fires and didn't get caught yet?

I've fought wildfires before. It's brutal.

Thank you.

All of Oregon needs to come together and fight these fires.

thank you for doing the same thing that we all need to take a turn doing.

It is never easy but it needs to be done.

Deliberately setting fires is an act of terror

US forces in Iraq and Syria are also purposefully setting fires to wheat and other food crops to bring more suffering and agony upon the citizens of both countries.

Crop fires, a weapon of war, ruin Iraqi, Syrian harvests

When I was researching the arson arrests made in recent days of those alleged to have started many of the fires destroying the environment and communities along I5 and killing dozens of people, I was shocked to find most of them were granted bail, and tiny bail amounts like $1000, which allowed them to bond out for as little as $100.

Domestic terrorists and murderers aren't being prevented from committing crimes against humanity by a $100 barrier to freedom to continue destroying our beautiful and critically important ecosystems and people. The baleful eye of Soron wouldn't even notice such a tiny sum added to the funds paid to destroy our free nation.

Worse, practically every commercial media outlet and law enforcement agency in the state has lied to the public about these crimes by claiming Antifa isn't involved. Not one of these crimes has been adjudicated yet, and the guilt or innocence of suspects has not been established beyond mere allegation. Perhaps the most egregious example of lying to the public is the tweet from the FBI claiming extremists of any kind were not involved.

Not only does that remain impossible to know at this time, but it is utterly implausible for none of the suspects, particularly Jeff Acorde, accused of setting multiple fires in WA, long involved in riots and criminal acts in support of Antifa's political enterprises, practically a poster child of Antifa membership, to be extremists.


I don't even use Twatter, and yet there I am LOL

Thanks for letting me know!

I'm kind of speechless. Everything really seems to be cracking of in and around Portland at the moment. Stay safe.

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