A Woman You Should Get to Know Better: Shi Zhengli

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IMG source - /pol/ Never Trustworthy, Always Controversial

As you can read in the above photograph, Shi Zhengli is one of the most accomplished virologists in the world, and her expertise is highly relevant to the pandemic sweeping the world today.

One of the many papers she has produced is about research she undertook to add ACE2 receptor functionality, how SARS2 gets in our cells, to SARS like Coronaviruses, and SARS Coronaviruses.

Interestingly, she was so bold as to combine SARS like Coronaviruses with HIV fragments, to see how that'd work out.

"Interestingly, the pseudovirus packaged with a CS protein, HIV/CS14-608, displayed a level of luciferase activity similar to that of HIV/BJ01-S"

Apparently, it worked out 'interestingly'.

I recall seeing a paper on Biorxiv that noted some features of SARS2 seemed to be inserts from HIV. The authors stirred up so much controversy they withdrew the paper to revise it.

Also interesting, the lab she works in is front and center regarding theories of SARS2 being lab engineered, and not a naturally occurring virus. It seems interest in her work is compelling.

"...rumors have kept spreading widely online, to the extent that Shi Zhengli, a lead researcher on bat-related viruses in the lab, posted on her WeChat account on Feb. 2 that the virus was “a punishment from the nature for humans’ uncivilized life habits,” and said she “guaranteed with her life” it was totally unrelated to the lab. But just as Shi’s assurance seemed to have calmed some down, a notice from the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology last Saturday (Feb. 15) started a fresh wave of suspicion towards the lab."

"The ministry said in the notice that China should enhance its management of viruses and bioagents at all labs and research institutes, without any explanation as to why this is being proposed right now, leaving some to speculate whether this could be a subtle official acknowledgement of a role played by the lab."

People are dying to know what she did.

At least we know this much. We may never know much more interesting things about the consequences of her work. She is likely to retain an air of mystery about her.

Lemme know if you find out more interesting information about her, her work, or it's consequences.


"People are dying to know what she did." Quite literally dying it seems.

I thought you might like to learn about a possible treatment for COVID-19 that I stumbled across earlier today: https://steemit.com/coronavirus/@randr10/chloroquine-and-quinine. Chloroquine is a proven antiviral treatment for malaria. It works by transporting ionic zinc across the cell membrane, which in turn shuts down the replicase enzyme needed for viral replication. There is some speculation that the Koreans have had success with it in treating coronavirus, although a controlled study would need to be done to prove it. Quinine, available as an over-the-counter supplement and not a prescription medication like chloroquine, has similar functionality. It just doesn't stick around in the system for as long as chloroquine, so higher doses would be necessary. It's also found in tonic water like that used in gin and tonic mixed drinks. I have some of the supplement on order just in case our family becomes infected and we can't access professional medical care.

That's the first I've heard that quinine can negatively impact SARS2. I truly appreciate the information.


Edit: I have heard that the Chinese have had great success with Chloroquine.

Again there's a lot of speculation here because nobody knows why the Koreans seem to be much more successful at reducing death rate, but it seems like a promising lead considering that it's already effective against another virus Malaria parasite.

"... it's already effective against another virus."

Do you mean Malaria? Malaria isn't a virus, it's caused by a single celled parasite Plasmodium falciparum (and a bunch of other species I was unaware of. I thought there was only P. falciparum. Thanks for making me learn =)). I was pretty amazed when Chloroquine was cited as being useful against a virus when it was a drug for a single celled organism originally, and the two kinds of things are so different.

Gonna go buy cases of Tonic water (two liters of Tonic are roughly equivalent to the daily dose of Quinine in pill form, I read), just in case. Good thing I'm not a gin drinker, or I'd be in danger of becoming a Gin and Tonic-aholic.

I also did some more reading myself. Quinine seems to be quite the dirty drug with lots of side-effects. It generally shouldn't be used in children under 8 years old and pregnant women either. I will avoid taking any unless I have symptoms. https://www.drugs.com/monograph/quinine-sulfate.html

Yes, I don't think I'll be drinking two liters of tonic water daily unless I'm sure I have SARS2.


Thanks for correcting me. I did know that but for some reason it slipped my mind.

It is amazing that there was a famous female scientist in China. Her research seems to be true that the first corona virus occurred in China. Nonetheless, China refuses.

I note that China does enable women to attain high positions, although they seem far less common than men in those positions. IIRC the military leader that took over the Wuhan Institute of Virology back in late December or in January was a woman (Gen. Chen, I think) who has been involved in biological warfare for many years.

IMHO, that takeover by the military of the Wuhan Institute of Virology lends strong suspicion to the theory SARS2 came from WIV.

Well, her work seems to end up with global lockdown.
i bet none of her papers ever went to those obvious conclusions.

Interesting how little people and events seem to trigger chaotic transformations. Hubris goeth before a decimation.

I was curious if you had any proof behind the conspiracies of [un millenium goals] agenda 21/2030 in regard to their depopulation of the world by 90-95%. I try to stay out of the extreme ones, but there is direct evidence to show our government is involved these agendas-Fauci is particular fond of goal 5 & 6 of agenda 21.

Peng Zhou is named in the research paper you bring up about injecting ace2 was also featured in a zero hedge article about his hiring in november 2019, about molecules to prolong the dormancy of corona. https://www.zerohedge.com/health/man-behind-global-coronavirus-pandemic.

This goes a lot deeper than Zheng-Li Shi. The funding for the research for the paper "Difference in Receptor Usage between Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Coronavirus and SARS-Like Coronavirus of Bat Origin", is prior to 2009. Starting in 2009 USAID formed their predict [1] program, [and in 2014 predict 2]. USAID's predict program, through ecohealth alliance, was funding Zheng-li Shi's research on the yunnan cave horseshoe bats and sars in multiple studies.

In 2013 it was discovered that there already existed sars strains in the yunnan horseshoe bats that would attack ACE2 in humans. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5389864/pdf/41586_2013_Article_BFnature12711.pdf

USAID has quite a contraversial history.

And in october 2019, trump killed the defunct predict program. Oct 18th there is event 201. A month later the cdc tries to hire a quarantine expert, corona spreads in china.

"A month later the cdc tries to hire a quarantine expert, corona spreads in china."

My recollection is that CDC was hiring for multiple quarantine experts, in areas across the US, and prior to the beginning of the pandemic in Wuhan.

As to proof of anything, I do not believe proof exists outside of maths. I think the best we can do is disprove things that cannot be true. I have not personally read the UN agendae. I have watched hours of video, read multiple articles and posts, and all these sources have agreed that what the UN refers to as 'sustainable development' is dramatic reduction in population.

Dating back to the '80s, when I recall Ted Turner advocating for dramatic reduction of population, to the '90s, when Prince Charles stated his desire to come back to life as a pathogenic virus to reduce global population, to this century, and the advent of myriad seemingly suicidal NGOs that advocate dramatic depopulation of the Earth, I am unable to cite any significant disagreement from those I consider globalists with what I have heard claimed are UN agendae.

There is no disproof I am aware of, although dissent by outsiders, such as myself, is common. There are two sides to this program. Those like me that disagree humanity must suffer terrible and inhumane slaughter to reduce the harm done natural ecosystems through development, and those that see it is obvious we must be slaughtered to prevent development from being necessary.

I note that millenia ago, prophets claimed that their God offered life or death, and that it was up to us to choose for ourselves. I also observe that corrupt, crony capitalism enables low bidders to seize resources and extract profits without regard to ecosystems or society's interests, and this causes development to be horrifyingly destructive.

I see that such capital is accumulated through parasitism and centralized in the walled gardens of overlords, and that today new developments of decentralized means of production enable individuals to make goods themselves, which they can do without regard to profit and with attention to social benefits and ecosystems' viability.

I believe this real choice between life and death has somehow been prophesied by ranting prophets of ancient days, and is between centralized parasites that seek to be deified overlords of abject survivors of pogroms that leave themselves the owners of all the world, and decentralized free people that do for themselves without preying on their fellows, and work together to improve the lot of life on Earth.

I believe those that choose life will inherit the Earth, meek and supportive of one another, because the rapine overlords choosing death will gain the death they seek.