How Did the Ontario Cannabis Store Lose $42-Million Selling Weed? - Leafly (Weed News)


Seriously? Wtf!?

First off, the company is not $42mil in the red. They still grossed nearly $20mil. The fact that they still had such a huge loss in such a huge market seems crazy to some. It comes down to supply shortages, lack of brick and mortar stores, and political red tape. I believe a government can run a business just as well as a corporation can, but just like a corporation, if your research planing is garbage you will learning some lessons the hard way.

A government ran dispensary is a good way to insure quality and to fill the public funding bag, but maybe learn how other's have been successful before jumping into the game.

Read the article and get the low down from Leafly's Jesse B. Stainiforth

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