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RE: WHY is there this great lack of knowledge on profit-based news media?

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I would go so far as to say that I am far more well informed about quite a variety of subjects that the news covers that they are.

I'm more informed about cryptos and how the internet works than most news medias in my country...

Facebook gave a whole bunch of your data to a whole bunch of people, because they were too lazy to implement proper security, and then a company abused that data, and then used it for nefarious purposes, including to influence an election.

"The Great Hack" was probably more to attract the attention of the viewer, the name of the documentary was pure click bait xD Even my parents were clicked baited to the documentary, so I guess it kinda worked.

The thing about the CA stuff is that after the deal was over Facebook just "asked" for CA to delete the data... ofc CA didn't delete the data and used it for a lot longer than they were permitted.

Something funny though is that the AI that influenced the people for the pro-Brexit vote seems to only have had a major impact on the old generation, Brexit mostly passed because of the older generation... maybe the new generation that was born during the internet era is more protected from the effect of this types of AIs...


A lot of these companies are really just relying on you to comply with the TOS. Like something that's common with a lot of API's, which is what this whole Facebook thing used, is that the TOS will say that they can't even save the data. Funny thing is that to keep your requests low, you kinda have to. So you have to violate the TOS really for your application not to generate a ton of traffic. Most of them know you do. Some of them actually do extra stuff to make it more annoying to cache. Because they're told to, so people don't save the data. Of course they save the data. They might delete it later, but only really to save space. If they wanna keep it, they will. And there's not really anything anyone can do about it, unless there's a leaker or something.

maybe the new generation that was born during the internet era is more protected from the effect of this types of AIs...

I would say they probably are to a certain degree. When I see one of those shitty adverts with some inflammatory title I just roll my eyes. But I can't say I'm not affected. There was another story I watched on that dumb lady that said the kid touched her butt. Apparently that was spread by Russian trolls. It was still a real thing...they're just inciting the generational and political and racial divides of the country. Probably the economic ones too.

Everyone's likely been affected to some degree...they're just not telling people the whole story at one time so they realize how much they were affected.