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RE: Warsaw Ghetto as a Model for the New Normal

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Senior @valued-customer, are people getting the coronavirus vaccine from Bill Gates entering the Warsaw ghetto?


My understanding of the intent of the authors of the cited article is that they put forth the Warsaw Ghetto as a model for the New Normal of society, and this model is the goal as far as I can tell of the terrorism being executed via psychological manipulation, of which global house arrest, economic destruction, 'lockdown' (a term referring to locking prisoners in their cells during times of unrest, such as prison riots), and forced masking, tracking, and etc., are being used to drive.

Basically, the goal is to corral human chattel in ghettos where we can be managed efficiently, culled easily, and the DNA alteration extends these management capabilities, or at least (despite they posture it merely a vaccine) is potential of altering human behaviour into more malleable forms that divide humanity into slave and overlord species.

Humanity is unsuitable for battery cages as evolved presently. We see from industrial agriculture that centralization depends on economies of scale, and highly dense housing is more profitable. DNA alteration is likely being implemented to make us less aggressive, more tolerant of close confinement, and obedient to masters - highly domesticated, in other words. This would not result from the vaccines as described, but vaccines have long contained more off label constituents than those described as active, and I am confident that DNA vaccines will also. Such genetic changes are extremely repugnant to free, reasonable people, and could only be forcibly applied if they were openly and forthrightly revealed.

Duplicity is much less expensive. Gates is clearly and obviously lying about many things, and his vaccines have sterilized millions in India, Africa, and the third world already. Seems likely he and his ilk are intent on a final solution to pesky free and sovereign people that cut into their profits.

Baal, the Phoenician god, and Moloch, the Canaanite god, always wanted children as sacrifices. Do the current pagan gods want human sacrifices?

The book of Leviticus is divided into a goat dedicated to God and a goat dedicated to Azazel.
Laozi, a Chinese sage, said that the earth gained fat after eating human meat.

I don't know if I'm a sacrifice to God or Azazel.

I hope we are not sacrificed but live to enjoy the promises of the prophets, who described happy people exploring the whole universe in joy forever. I intend to effect that future felicity with all my ability for my posterity - for all our children - regardless of how my days on Earth end.

I look forward to our happy meeting someday, my friend, when we can enjoy each other's good company and no longer fear the depredations of evil gods or men for our lives and fortunes.

Let us do all in our power to make that good day come; the fruition of all who have sacrificed to make it happen.

Dear senior, Unfortunately, most Koreans believe in Bill Gates as their savior.
It's hard to tell who is God and Azazel.

Each of us acts and enjoys or suffers the consequences thereof.

Act accordingly.

We must take responsibility for our own choices. Even if the choice was a mistake....

We should take responsibility, but we will undertake the consequences, no matter whether we take responsibility or not.