Lockdown In Cape Town Day 61 - Politicians May Not Be Insulted #EndTheLockdown

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Citizen Being Criminally Charged For Swearing At Politician On Social Media

Welcome to the socialist utopia George Orwell warned us about, it's finally here. Well it's been here in South Africa for quiet some time, but thanks to the global outbreak of the Wuhan virus, government tyranny has been fast tracked. Apart from the litany of government overreach across the board since the start of the lockdown, from completely unscientific regulations to just outright idiotic banning of human rights. The longer the lockdown persists the more ridiculous things are getting as those in government are clearing bat shit drunk on power. The fact that the problems cause by the lockdown have dwarfed those caused by the actual virus, still seem to evade the most basic of rational understanding by those in power. Again this is South Africa, we are by all accounts a 3rd world nation with over 75% of our population living in poverty, and almost half dependent on tax payer funded social welfare. That being said, we are in no economic position to ever have even considered locking down anything, yet they did, and have extended it to the point where we now have malnutrition and starvation to deal with. Before the lockdown started we already have 10,5 million unemployed people, and with businesses closes daily the estimates are now between 3-7miliion additional people without work.

But the lockdown remains, because we are heading to an election year and the current ruling party would rather risk a worse outcome that will irrevocably effect every person living here than rather risk loosing political power.

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"Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." - John Dalberg-Acton

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So with the very short summary above of our current predicament in mind, I present to you the following. On this past Sunday, the ANC’s The Military Veterans Association rallied behind Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma and pressed criminal charges against a man who insulted her on social media. This move was then supported by the ANC deputy secretary-general and party spokesperson who have both spoken out against the public attacks on Dlamini-Zuma for her anti-smoking stance as well as government regulations under the national lockdown. Just for context as to who Dlamini-Zuma is, she is basically head of the Covid task force and under the current state of disaster, she overrules the president. Oh and did I mention that she is one the 11 or 16 wives of previous president Jacob Zuma, you know the one that has something like 783 pending charges of corruption and state capture.

How are they able to charge someone for swearing at a politician you might be asking, well that's because they are not charging him for swearing. They are charging him for crimen injuria and violation of the national disaster laws. If you've never heard of crimen injuria, well its crime under South African common law, defined to be the act of "unlawfully, intentionally and seriously impairing the dignity of another, caused by the use of obscene or racially offensive language. Again it's fairly new law and is only ever used by government or party aligned institutions to oppress dissidents.

You're probably wondering just what exactly this guy said, must have been really bad right, well why don't you judge for yourself?

“I just wanna say to Dlamini-Zuma: If you think cigarettes and alcohol should only be unbanned under level one, I’m Peter Afrikaans, you poes,”

Basically he called her a cunt in afrikaans, it also means cat in dutch. So because the person who happened to be white and called the minister a cunt, that's now the definition of racism, which is the direction ruling party is going with this. Because they want to set an example to the rest of the people, not to ever question or speak out against the tyranny of this government, obey and be quiet or you will be tarred, feather and shamed in front of the entire country in the press.

To Dlamini-Zuma and all these politicians that oppress the rights of citizen through tyranny, I say, go fuck yourself!

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

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You're either laughing or you're learning.

Join me tomorrow for more lessons on these really easy to understand concepts.

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Thanks for popping in, hope you liked the post. Please leave me your thoughts and or opinions in the comments below, have a beautiful day.

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