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RE: DNA, Patent Law, and Human Rights

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Good points made, and yesir, let's bury the entire vaccination politics...
It's on! My body, my choice.


I saw that President Trump launched Operation Legend, which sends Federal Police to American cities. These police wear soldiers uniforms, battle harnesses, and carry military weapons. They have tanks, jets, rocket launchers. They aren't cops. They're soldiers, and by calling them 'police' the Trump Administration is pretending ordering the US military to undertake operations in American cities isn't a violation of the Constitution and the Posse Comitatus Act.

It is 'soft' martial law.

They're not going to give us a choice. Texas, Arizona, and probably other states I don't live in, have already passed mandatory vaccination laws. The troops are being put in place now. When the vaccines have been produced in sufficient quantity, people willing to be vaccinated will be, starting in October or so. They're testing them on people now, skipping animal trials completely.

But that won't be enough, so they'll do whatever they have to, like send squads of troops door to door to forcibly vaccinate us. This isn't the 'right' or the 'left' doing this, but both of them working together in a complex plan that has put the boots on the ground today.

The left encouraged the riots, which gave the right the excuse necessary to send in the military forces.

The martial law won't be so soft come January 2021, when the vaccines are ready to inject.

If we want to make that decision, we'd better prepare now to keep the authority over our bodies when armed troops seek to take it from us then.

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