9/11 in 2020 - It's Been 19 Years Since the Last MASSIVE False Flag - And We're In the Middle of the Next One.

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Just in case there's anyone around who isn't aware of just how similar 9/11 was to the COVID-19 scenario we've seen played out this year... it's probably time to catch up. In both cases, think tanks & foundations had already laid out the plan, high level officials & business-folk made moves beforehand, clearly indicating their knowledge, the use of massive emotional manipulation through the media, there was a whole massive "response" already queued up and ready to go, etc.

The only real difference is that with COVID, it was all done 100% in public. The funding of the virus, the Rockefeller & Event 201 clear outlines of the "response," ID2020 (which has existed for years), etc. That, and the fact that this time around their control mechanism was fear -> compassion rather than fear -> hate/violence, which I think is an important indicator.

Need to catch up on 9/11?

Here are my 3 favorite documentaries on the topic. The first is over a decade old now, and focuses on the whole, broad scope of the thing. The other two are more recent, by @CorbettReport, and are broken down to specifically highlight the Whistleblowers & Suspects of 9/11.

Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup

9/11 Whistleblowers

9/11 Suspects

Justice Rising | 9/11 in 2020

September 11-13, 2020

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth presenting a weekend-long online conference this year, covering the width & breadth of 9/11's effects on the last two decades, the roll it plays in 2020, and the similarities between the COVID-19 Plandemic & the 9/11 False Flag.

The conference will run from Friday, September 11, to Sunday, September 13, marking the 19th anniversary of the day that changed our world so profoundly. The conference will go for three hours each day and will be open to all free of charge.

Here is the Whole Livestream

Conference Schedule

The conference goes for three hours each day. All times are Eastern Daylight Time.

Justice Friday

The Long Road to Justice | 6 to 6:45 PM Eastern
AE911Truth founder Richard Gage opens the conference with a look at where the organization has been since its founding in 2006 and what lies ahead.

A UK Family Fights for Truth | 6:45 to 7:30 PM
9/11 family member Matt Campbell reflects on the loss of his brother Geoff 19 years ago to the day and outlines his family’s effort to open a new inquest into his brother’s death in the UK.

Closing in on NIST | 7:30 to 8:15 PM
AE911Truth’s Ted Walter, Tony Szamboti, and Mick Harrison of the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry discuss the latest on the pending “request for correction” to NIST's 2008 report on WTC 7.

The Expanding Legal Front | 8:15 to 9 PM
Mick Harrison is joined by Barbara Honegger and David Meiswinkle, also of the Lawyers’ Committee, to report on the group's efforts, including a bold new initiative to be announced around September 11.

Science Saturday

Lights, Camera, Building 7 | 3 to 4 PM Eastern
A close look at the AE911Truth documentary SEVEN with director Dylan Avery, producer Kelly David, and Dr. Leroy Hulsey, whose study on Building 7 is the subject of the film.

Global Failure: Evidence Engineers Can No Longer Ignore | 4 to 5 PM
Richard Gage and fellow AE911Truth board member Roland Angle talk about ongoing efforts to inform the engineering profession regarding the World Trade Center evidence.

Reflections from Three Pioneers of the 9/11 Truth Movement | 5 to 6 PM
Three 9/11 Truth Movement pioneers — David Ray Griffin, Niels Harrit, and Steven Jones — reflect on their experiences in the nearly two-decade battle for science and truth.

Big Picture Sunday

False Flags and Wars of Terror | 6 to 7 PM Eastern
Daniele Ganser speaks about false flag attacks — in particular 9/11 — and the effect they have had and continue to have on the world.

9/11 and the Advancing Police State | 7 to 8 PM
John Whitehead, a constitutional attorney and the founder of The Rutherford Institute, talks about his research on the advancing police state.

The Library of Alexandria is on Fire: Internet Censorship from 9/11 to Today | 8 to 9 PM
James Corbett closes out Justice Rising with a talk about ever-worsening internet censorship and how activists can fight back.



Many incidents, always PRS: Problem-Reaction-"Solution" (=Trap)
This is what people should get slowly but surely...
Greetings Brother
Stay safe

Yep, the Hegelian Dialectic hard at work.

Didn't know it came from "Hegel", i learned PRS from David Icke in "Humanity get off your knees".
Thanks! How is the landtrust/landpatent doing?

Ya, "Hegelian Dialectic" is a term used commonly, for specifically that Problem -> Reaction -> Solution model, used by marketers, car salesmen, and governments alike.

A dialectic is Thesis -> Antithesis -> Synthesis, and it can be applied to anything, from conflict resolution and community decision-making, to offering an alternative to debating philosophy and economics.

As to the Land Patent/Land Trust side of things - I'm stuck until I can actually get a piece of land. Waiting for the crypto boom, since trying to crowdfund it has been wholly unsuccessful.

Yes star, a whole lotta babylonian manipulation everywhere...it sucks. Time for a new world,
for a new humanity...
And yes, buying land makes sense...
Enjoy your Sunday

Fortunately we many more people who can reach many more people on the internetz that the Wuhan-flu thing is falling apart so quickly.

A mere 30 years ago all we would have is Clinton New Network to tell us how many people were dying.

We have thousands of people reporting things like empty hospitals.
While the MSM trumpets about lack of respirators.

Ten years ago vaccines were unquestionable, today, there are cracks in that.
We have vaccines being attacked from many directions.

We have people calling out the tyranny.

Still, JFK, the moon landing, and 9-11 should all be thoroughly debunked in everyone's mind. But they are not. About half of the people still can't even question the narrative.

Perhaps half of the world will willingly go into concentration camps (tightly packed cities) and the other half will be far freer than people have ever been.