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RE: Adsactly In The News - 18/10/2019

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A couple of news yesterday literally gave me a headache. A headache that knocked me out for a while. One you have reported here, Venezuela "winning" a seat at the UN'S HHRR council. It was as if the DEA created a special commision to investigate drug dealing and included a capo as one of its member.
The other news has to do with violent and destructive protests ysterday in Chile, especially in Santiago, its capital. Chile is following Ecuador, and this is not coincidental. The left is determined to govern against all odds or else noone else will do it in peace.
oh, the other news, there were three after all, was from Mexico. The action-movie-like "recue" of a capo's son. El Chapo Guzman may be in jail, but he still has a lot of power and he showed that a couple opf days ago. The lame response from Mexican Prsident ( is proof of who governs that country. Really shameful. The whole world is upside down.