Journalist Millie Weaver Arrested Just Before Release of "Shadow Gate" Doc

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The documentary film "Shadow Gate" covers the USA government's and ex-government officials' targeted propaganda techniques in the modern technological and social media soaked age. It was dropped about a day ago.

It is very mind expanding and puts specifics and words to what so many have suspected or known already: your personal information is very valuable and is being used to manipulate you.

This operation is apparently much larger than most people could imagine. It is apparently enormous.

And it is not just the Republicans or the Democrats. It's both. It's not about party.

The documentary seems to keep being uploaded and taken down in different spots across the web.

This is her during the arrest.

Hopefully more information comes to light on this documentary and her situation.

With much respect and curiosity,


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you didn't get the point, it's not the us gov... it's former aka retired military and co personals who lost their ways and who to get their yacht fleet (ala eric prince) decided to steal the technology and data to then sell it to the highest bidders including the adversaries of china...

don't forget those morons aren't anymore in the 700+ billions dollars budgets and have now to take into account the financial laws... is their information security as good as the public one? how many aircraft carriers fleet can they mobilize in case of problem? they are just little shit lords pretending to be great, who like those mercenaries who saught to invade venezuela end up arrested...

and you know those wannabe digital barrons, are a big risk and are seen as a joke from the Ghotsnetters (pla digital divisions... and there, there are a lot of talents...).

My point is that a journalist was just arrested as this was about to come out.

My point is that some political figures have been using this technology to influence government elections.

My point is that private info is being used against the people to hack their reality.

You are offering your correction on my post based on your assumption of the goal of my post.

Thanks for commenting, but you do not need to say I am wrong or am missing the point just because I do not explain it the way you would.

I am trying to keep these posts concise for those waking up or curious or on the fence.

Those who want all the specifics should watch the documentary. Even that is my point.

Yes government and private industry is mixed together in odd ways and often separated to keep info private, and many ex government employees are moving in and out of private institutions to keep info controlled.

If you feel others are missing the point because it is not the point you would underscore, then make your own posts that go into your own points. That could be great.

May truth and curiosity continue to find the people... in each person's own way.