Did Ghislaine Maxwell’s Nephew Alexander Djerassi Work for the US Department of State from 2009-2012?

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I am not seeing this in many places, and it isn't the easiest thing to verify, so this really is a question. It appears to be true. I could be wrong, but this was interesting enough to me to post even as a question, or even as a simple step by step of what I have found so far in researching.

(The clip and link here are for bonus information, and are not specifically about this aspect of her background.)

(Clip regarding Maxwell's request to leave prison due to risk of Coronavirus.)

Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister is...

Isabel Maxwell, and she married...

Dale Djerassi, and their son was...

Alexander Djerassi, and he...

was hired to be chief of staff and special assistant in the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs? And this was between 2009 to 2012? He worked in U.S. relations with Arab states, Israel, and Iran, and had a focus on Israeli-Palestinian peace?

So Ghislaine Maxwell’s nephew worked in the Obama/Hillary US Department of State?

Is this a real thing?

If so, I wonder how thorough the background checks are there before they hire people (I am being sarcastic).

Regardless, this is starting to feel like a Marvel or DC Comics Combined Universe type movie with all these connections between major players.

I didn't even mention that Dale Djerassi's dad invented the birth control pill or that Ghislaine was supposedly one of the first developers of the search engine and ran one of the first large Reddit accounts. What in the world?

NY Post Article on Maxwell in Hiding

With much respect and curiosity,


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I wouldn't be surprised, it's almost as if the whole us gov had been taken over by the "fallen", specially department like the doj or state.

However you used this expression : "Israeli-Palestinian peace", it's an absolute lie. it's a colonial war designed to impose the supremacy of the israelis over those territories. Sadly, this occupation and colonization has a deep underlying ideological foundation, reflected even in the words of a former DIA director as the judeo-christian values, as if those "judaic" values hadn't killed the christ.

ghislaine works for MIGA... that's easy to understand for anyone not too exposed to HFCS (mercury), glypho/dicamba or vaccines...

Thanks for the comment. Yes, I did use that phrase, but I used it in reference to his technical job description, not because I believe his job description was his actual goal. Good vibes and good things to you.

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