Esteem surfer 2.2.2 is here

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So I was very excited when I learned of the new release of esteem's latest surfer 2.2.2 with so many added features and updates. It features a power down option, spell checker and so many other improvements and bugs in the previous version have been dealt with. Esteem just take the whole steeming experience to a whole new level. This is one of the very few communities on the steem blockchain that has really amazed me continually with their projects and work. That is why I always support them in any little way I can.

Using this right now to make this post feels great I must say and I really enjoy it. The navigation is just great and the different options quite accessible and at my finger tips. A big thanks to the esteem team for the amazing work the continue to do. This is really awesome and I hope we will be able to enjoy the same features soon with an update too on the esteem mobile app. I can't wait to have all these new features on the mobile app as well. It will really be nice especially for me because I tend to use my mobile phone more often for steeming.

I almost forgot to mention one interesting new feature I always wanted in the esteem mobile app and surfer. The number of tags was limited to 5 but guess what? This new update has stepped it up to 7 tags and not only that; beneficiary rewards have also been reduced to 3%. How cool is that?
Don't you just love the esteem team?
Don't know about you but I do and they definitely have my vote in anything. Ever since I started using esteem surfer and mobile app, my steem experience became more enjoyable and fun. I don't see myself using any other.

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Sir i make this post for Bengali community about @esteemapp surfer 2.2.2, i hope you look it and consider your consistency esteem surfer2.2.2 Post link

I'm with you all the way! I love eSteem, too, and can't imagine using any of the other front ends!

Nice to know melinda.
Esteem all the way and thanks for the tip 😉

Thanks for the great post!

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Howdy sir hermannsol! I'm downloading this new version today because of your review so thank you. What is beneficiary rewards?
How's it going up there?

Oh hi Sir Janton..
Beneficiary rewards I think is a portion of an author's reward pool that is taken by esteem for posting through the app. It used to be 10% in the past but have been cut down to 3% in this latest release

Oh I see why that is a good thing, thank you sir hermannsol! Is it snowing there yet?

It is a good thing Sir Janton because esteem does not get that much chunk of your rewards like most do especially under the #newsteem changes.

Howdy today sir hermannsol! Very good, they are such a good bunch of guys!

Yes they are Sir Janton..

And it's not snowing yet..