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RE: Audacity in Action. You are the Product, and Big Pharma Intends to Profit from You.

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Hey there @valued-customer,

Your post is well written and could be persuasive if I wasn't already persuaded.

This requires that I pull my head out of the gaping void between the two cheeks of the two party system that controls society today, so that I can see clearly the flapping of the left cheek and the right, as they beat together the sound and fury that accompanies the outrageous stench of tyranny they emit between them.

Well said and some really great imagery:D

To be honest I'm not going to listen to the provided propaganda. I get the idea and knowing the particulars would undoubtedly stress me out.

I've greatly backed off of even the alternative media. I believe focusing too much on these psychopaths and their plans gives them power.
We know that they are carrying out their plan for world domination. There's bound to be a lot that can go wrong. Let's hope it does and at the worst possible time;) I think that's about our best hope.

But it's good to see you doing your part to try and wake people up, and doing it in your extraordinarily brilliant way. <3