HIVE backed Doller did a nice move

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Look the HIVE dollar is rocking

As I did my weekly transfers from STEEM to HIVE - yes, I powerdown all my steem - I saw this on bittrex-


Some positive grow in price for HBD



The HIVE price

Looking at the price of HIVE we see a little bit of grow, but not so much as with HBD


Some of my animation for #HIVE

Feel free to use this for you own posts or anywhere else.

BeerSaturday week 148 moved to #HIVE

Sure, there are many things still in progress, but we all need a beer at the weekend and the #BeerSaturday waits for you posts.

Even the beloved BEER is moving to HIVE and soon there will be a snapshot of all BEER on STEEM and an airdrop for BEER on HIVE and later a DELETE of BEER on STEEM

BeerSaturday at HIVE.png
(C) by pixabay and modified by @detlev for #beersaturday

Every week we call ALL THE BEERLOVERS around the world to send a beer story & some pictures to the worldwide beer community to celebrate the BeerSaturday challenge here on the blockchain.

Today the HIVE #BeerSaturday Challenge calls for YOU to JOIN the fun at this week.

Love to see your post for this week

Welcome on #HIVE
may this be our new home
hope we always have free speech here!
Greetz @detlev

@Detlev loves HIVE

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