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Photo by CODA


This is a movie project from our friends Anastasia & Alex and they have a campaign on which already reached around 2/3 of their goal.

Photo by CODA

The Proof of Concept video

They had put together an animatic - Proof of Concept (See video) to hopefully convey the soul of our story.

The original music is composed by our fantastic Christophe Millois. Watch the video and learn about Coda

Video by Coda

As most of you know, CODA is the passion project we have been working on for years. CODA is a feature length film about a renowned American cellist whose identity is shattered by a mystery that will lead him on a journey across Europe to reveal his musical heritage shaped by the Cold War. CODA is a film about music, identity, lineage, redemption, and about finding one's own voice.

Photo by CODA

We have worked endless hours and traveled back and forth across the planet to assemble a team of creatives: writers, music composer, musicians, producers, and talent, to finally bring this vison to life. We have the script, the proof of concept, and initial agreements in place. We’ve come so far but on March 13th, Covid-19 happened forcing the entire film industry to come to a brutal stop. The last three months have been very challenging for independent filmmakers like us as we lost some of our partners and financiers that were already in place. Coronavirus is an unprecedented event that has certainly taken a toll on everyone. With no income and no financial support for indie filmmakers in the US, it would be easier to give up and lose everything. We took time during the Great Pause to regroup, to think, and to bounce back. It's time to reinvent ourselves and try to find new strategies to bring our vision to life.

Text by CODA

About Anastasia & Alex


Anastasia M. Cummings is a storyteller drawn to narratives from every corner of the world that evoke the resilience within the human condition beyond cultural and social conflict displayed by the most unlikely protagonists.

More information at


With a keen eye for visual language, Alex Gray began his career as an illustrator and visual effects artist while earning a BFA in Directing at Regis University in partnership with the Colorado Film School. Early on, Alex acquired the rights and directed a short story based on Ray Bradbury’s Jack in the Box (2013). The film’s recognition earned him a strong reputation as a storyteller and visual artist.

More information at

Photo by Tino Duvick @ Broken Chain Photography

We need your help!

Support CODA

As I like the idea of this movie I supported it with some funds.
If you like what you see here, support it as well and get some more information to here at GoFundme

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