China Lake Is No Longer Mission Capable

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A huge story that the MSM has failed to cover.
Almost 20 days ago, and i haven't heard anything from any "official" news sources.

China Lake Is no longer mission capable

following 6.4 and a 7.1 earthquake centred at the base.

China Lake, the Naval Air Weapons System test facility, was closed and the 5,500+ crew evacuated from the facility.

For over 50 years all of The US Navy weapons systems have been developed and deployed from China Lake.
Everything the Navy uses has come out of this place.

Surprisingly little damage is seen on any structures on the surface, said an engineer at the location, you would have expected to see much more damage with such magnitude earthquake.

So, what spooked everyone so bad, that they abandoned the facility?

Was there a lot of underground structures? Such as nuclear power plant? Tunnels? Storage tanks?
Was this a man made earthquake as a retaliation for something?
Just a few days before

  • a Russian deep sea submarine caught fire killing fourteen high ranking Russian Naval officers.
  • at that funeral a top Russian Naval officer said that they prevented a planetary catastrophe.
  • Mike Pence, the vice-president, was called back to DC in a way that shouts emergency.
  • Highest level officials in Washingon, London and Moscow were called into an emergency meeting.

Unfortunately, all we know is the test facility was closed, and none of the major news papers covered it.

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Thanks for posting about this, had No clue about China Lake.

The timing is interesting. The fact that it is not covered is also interesting. Were the earthquakes centered at the base?

They were said to be centred at the city... right next to the base.
Further information is... missing.
Usually they tell you the coordinates and depth for earthquakes.
I didn't hear or find that info.


A earthquake with magnitude 6.4 (ml/mb) was detected on Thursday, 12 kilometers (7 miles) from Searles Valley in CA. Unique identifier: ci38443183. Ids that are associated to the event: ci38443183. The 6.4-magnitude earthquake has occurred at 09:33:48 / 9:33 am (local time epicenter). The epicenter of the earthquake was roughly 8.68 km (5 miles) below the earth’s surface. Exact location of event, longitude -117.5081635 West, latitude 35.704834 North, depth = 8.68 km. Exact time and date of earthquake 04/07/19 / 2019-07-04 17:33:48 / July 4, 2019 @ 5:33 pm UTC/GMT. A tsunami warning has not been issued (Does not indicate if a tsunami actually did or will exist).

Awesome. Thanks for digging that up.

Owlesome. Thanks for digging that up.

I am a bot. I turn comments into owl related puns.

I've been through a few quakes. 6.4 is not so bad. 7.1 is bad - almost ten times as bad. 'Centered on the city' is very intriguing and ominous. Seismic disturbances can be caused by many things, not just earthquakes, and a seismic disturbance centered on a military secret research facility does not seem plausibly coincidental, particularly when news coverage is nonexistent. That sounds like a problem.

I'd call HAARP and ask what they know, but they're closed.


Edit: "Science Correspondent Jacob Margolis of Pasadena-based KPCC said, “There was 11.2 times more energy released by the magnitude 7.1 than the magnitude 6.4 quake the day before.”

Maybe they dug too deep, became too greedy?

HAARP was my first suspect too, but no one there is returning my calls. I just keep getting the answering machine.

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