China news roundup / Nachrichten 2020-11-13

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English news:

US bars investments in 'Chinese military companies'

"It could affect some of China's biggest publicly-listed firms, including China Telecom and tech firm Hikvision.
[...] It applies to shares owned directly or indirectly in 31 firms identified by the US earlier this year as backed by the Chinese military"

--- Huawei is also on the list. Will probably not have that much of an effect, though, since most of these companies don't rely very much on US investors.

"US investors have a year to comply with the rules."

--- & this will dampen the blow even further.
cf.: Factbox: List of 31 Chinese companies designated by the U.S. as military-backed

China's Xi Jinping personally halted Ant's record-breaking $37 billion IPO after boss Jack Ma snubbed government leaders

"Xi has not been a fan of the ascendance of big private businesses that rack up wealth and power in the country, as they are seen as posing a challenge to his authority"

--- How long will emperor Xi need to drive China's economy into the wall? Will it go down Chavez-/Maduro-style or will it drag on for decades like in the Soviet Union?

UK to consider sanctions against China for breaching Hong Kong treaty

"Raab’s deputy, Nigel Adams, told parliament that it was considering possible sanctions on individuals over China’s actions"

--- Sorry that I missed that yesterday. My criticism was a bit premature. But, well, it's just about possibly (!) sanctioning a few individuals. Which won't make much of a difference in the bigger picture.

Rail Freight Use on China’s Iron Silk Road Underdelivers

"in 2017, Chinese state media reported around 3,211 intercontinental trains leaving China for Europe. However Eurostat only recorded 1,793 arriving"

--- That's how much you can trust official Chinese numbers.

"As the national subsidies are due to be phased out, it is unclear what burden the local governments are prepared to bear to ensure the rail lines stay operable"

--- That will be interesting to see. For what I know about Chinese politics, the local bigwigs will only put just enough money into the system to keep it 'running'. Maintenance will suffer greatly.

"inbound rail freight to Europe from China was actually higher before the introduction of CR Express trains or the Belt and Road policy"

--- Nooo, impossible! Emperor Xi promised greatness, growth & profit through BRI. He can't be wrong.

"For the rail policy to have been successful, China’s CR Express policy should have served both Eurasian and European interests, not just China’s."

--- Don't say that, you hurt the feelings of all Chinese!

China to Legalize Digital RMB and Prohibit Competitors

"The draft Banking Law also includes a ban on the issuance of any digital tokens that circulate in the market as substitutes to RMB
[...] In its broadest interpretation, the draft Banking Law could ban all cryptocurrency tokens in China"

--- So much for those fairy tales seeing China as a future heaven for cryptocurrencies. The CCP won't allow anything they can't control.

Chinese retailer faces backlash after calling large clothing sizes 'rotten'

"The signs inside the RT-Mart superstore depicted a size chart with small to medium sizes described as “slim” and “beautiful”, with larger sizes as “rotten” and “horrible”"

--- Funny that that happens just after this supermarket chain (which was Taiwanese-French) has been taken over by Chinese.

--- Other news:

Chinese diplomat says Canadians disrespectful of Communist Party, his country

Boeing issues surprisingly upbeat outlook for Chinese aircraft demand

TikTok lives to see another day in US

US election: China congratulates Biden after long silence

Video News:

--- China Uncensored features the usual weekend variety:

--- Al Jazeera: "China's dirty secrets | 101 East"

--- BNN Bloomberg: "China's recovery is impressive, but economy still isn't back to normal: China Beige Book CEO"

--- BBC News: "VW defends Chinese car plant despite international concern over Uighur detentions"

Deutsche Nachrichten:

Deutsche China-Importe erreichen in Corona-Pandemie Rekordwerte

"Der Importzuwachs aus China liegt zum einen an einer erhöhten Nachfrage nach medizinischer Ausrüstung [...] Ein weiterer wesentlicher Grund ist der gestiegene Bedarf an Elektronik, weil so viele Arbeitnehmer ins Homeoffice gewechselt sind."

--- China bringt der Welt das Wuhanvirus & profitiert dann auch noch davon. Na toll. Will mal hoffen, daß Wirtschaft & Politik die richtigen Schlüsse ziehen & an einer Diversifizierung arbeiten.

Trump verbietet Investitionen in chinesische Unternehmen

"Betroffen wären etwa die Telekommunikationsunternehmen China Telecom, China Mobile oder der Überwachungskamerahersteller Hikvision."

--- Huawei ist auch wieder mal dabei.
Die Auswirkungen werden sich aber in Grenzen halten, da diese Unternehmen kaum auf US-Investitionen angewiesen sind.

K-Pop-Gruppe Blackpink hat Ärger mit Tierschützern

"Die Regeln zum Schutz der seltenen Tiere seien missachtet worden, als die jungen Frauen das Panda-Junge im Everland Zoo nahe Seoul geherzt hätten, teilte der chinesische Artenschutzverband mit.
Im Staatsfernsehen CCTV forderten Nutzer eine Entschuldigung der Musikerinnen"

--- Hat der Unsinn es doch tatsächlich bis in die deutschen Nachrichten geschafft.
Als vor Jahren Yao Ming (chinesischer Basketballstar) ein Pandababy wirklich ohne jede Schutzmaßnahme in den Arm nahm, gab es in der VRC keinen solchen Aufschrei. Man könnte fast meinen, daß nur fiese Ausländerhände zu dreckig für die armen kleinen Pandas sind.

--- Sonstiges:

Kein schnelles Aus für Video-App: TikTok bekommt mehr Zeit in den USA

Coronavirus: So klar beschrieb die Deutsche Botschaft in China die Anfänge von Covid-19


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