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RE: The New Normal Isn't Normal and Never Will Be

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Excellent analysis.

I'm note sure whether its deliberate or due to incompetence but the results are the same.

I am fortunate to live in a country which had very strong social cohesion before this and where the forces fighting against this covidiocy are strong and growing.

But its still touch and go whether sanity will prevail.


I hope for your sake the peace of your house and the prosperity of your family are undisturbed.

Blackrock has $27T of assets under management for the USG today. How incompetent could they be? All of the social distancing, payments to hospitals for putting people on ventilators, and mislabeling every death as Covid19, the riots, lockdown, all of it put that money in their hands.

They didn't just get lucky. They got rapine.

That centralization of wealth in their hands is the purpose for which all these oppressions have been undertaken, and their power moved national governments from China to Denmark, Antifa and BLM, the WHO and pharmaceutical companies and Bill Gates to work together to take our wealth.

I mean, they have the money. Do you think people just started throwing it at them?

This is how you get $27T. It ain't pretty. But it ain't incompetence.