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RE: Sand Team Sending You Candies This Halloween On Newdex

in #newdex2 years ago

WOW Thats a lot of EOS worth of tokens! i hope to get some Buy orders in to help support tehg SAND price after so many toksn given away! We will soon find a way to project future demand using number sof current users and a plan to onboard every steemian in san diego, we should at least have 100 users

with 100 users I feel we get at least one to buy and power up enough steem to take care of the payouts of an entire school. We may need to start focusing on schools and the ability to just onboard a whole classroom at first, see how many students we can upvote with SAND and maybe we can get the attention of locals is the best place to start


Excellent idea @tytran! I never at any time dispute the fact that Blockchain will help empower the Society. It is high time to not always depend on the Government.