How do you see the future?

in newdex •  6 months ago 


The future they say always looks bright and with much hope. But what if you really do not see things just the way others do? Whichever way the situation may be, we still need t work harder to help get our purpose and goals achieved. A lot of people are gone due to the absence of motivation which they expected to see in the blockchain. Others even think the blockchain is a scam and without any hope. But we have a different story to share. It is a story with a beautiful future. This is the hope we hold on to. Things are so clear and hopeful with the rekindling of features and activities of telos,eos,challengedac, newdex sesacash and the support of challengedapp. All we need is to keep working harder in making the blockchain reach people who can help invest their time and resources. The future is truly bright.

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Im very excited for the new DATA token, i need to ask @ratzen to make us a new Website and ill create a wordpress site for him soon


I just made our new logo

wow this is a good news.