I Am Tipping NDX To Every African Who Joins The Official Newdex Discord

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Newdex is the first ever EOS based exchange. It is a decentralized exchange which is now giving Crypto traders and investors a reason to smile with a new phase of trading experience and it is going global daily.
As an African Newdex Representative, I am inviting African Crypto enthusiasts to the Newdex Official discord. Come and be a part of this revolutionary crypto trading. Join now and get tipped 50 NDX by me. All you need is an EOS account.

Join Newdex Discord Here:)


Hello! I find your post valuable for the wafrica community! Thanks for the great post! We encourage and support quality contents and projects from the West African region.
Do you have a suggestion, concern or want to appear as a guest author on WAfrica, join our discord server and discuss with a member of our curation team.
Don't forget to join us every Sunday by 20:30GMT for our Sunday WAFRO party on our discord channel. Thank you.

I just joined now

EOS: 35535flickss

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Here you go boss 2 NDX tokens sent to your discord

Ive also sent you 50 NDX ($0.04 ) directly to your EOS account


Thank you!

we dont need your eos account :) We can tip right to telegram or discord or twitter with @tipit-io . And if you start accepting CHLP from now on, so we save EOS CPu and ram, and just keep CHL on steem engine!we will give you more that way! https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=CHLP (watch for a pump! ;) market volume going up were buying a ot of CHL on steem engine!

Im so proud of you ! Imagine when NDX is $1 and your 100K NDX you'll have saved up is worth enough to buy a lambo

and if you make sure your post are 600 characters maybe they can be eligible for newdex influencer pay of 30,000 NDX? Well see ! make more posts about newdex since you can get @sandiegocoin @challengedac and @telosfoundation all on Newdex ;) its an easier way to trade 3 birds for one worthless stone! :D

Thanks and Remain Blessed!

Try to make your posts 600 characters or more! Thank you so much for your work promoting newdex, please tell @ackza how much NDX you give out, or keep track of it on a spreadsheet if you can and keep this for our records so we can possibly reimburse you.

Maybe if you post enough about Newdex we can get you an official position one day but lets try to make it a grass roots effort and we would like to see how many people you can gather posting behind you.

I hope to soon have NDX on Steem Engine so i can directly send your steem account NDXp so for now heres 10 NDX over tipitbot on discord for newdex! https;//ndx.myfreecrypto.org


I'll certainly step up my game then @newdex-io. Thanks Newdex Team!