Good Bye 2020 - Let's Flip the Page Here!

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While X-mas is really not my holiday, I usually tend to enjoy the end of the year season quite a bit. And finally, even this is coming to an end, offering a bit of perspective looking back, and of course forward. Good enough reason to write a post on this occasion, particularly since we're not just finishing off a regular, normal, run-of-the-mill kind of year.

2020, Was It Really All That Bad?

If you look at social media in general, this year hasn't come off with a good start, and in fact it just kept getting worse. Remember the Australian wildfires, the confrontation between the US and Iran, and the unsuccessful Trump impeachment? Yeah, that was even before the Covid lockdowns started, but the year had already been declared a disaster. And the list just kept growing: the California wildfires, all kinds of insanity surrounding the elections, and violence in the streets all over the US (not to mention places like Belarus). No wonder this year (which otherwise suggest clarity of vision) has gotten such a bad rep.

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One thing that I keep noticing, however, is that whenever I feel overwhelmed by the insanity of this world, all I have to do is close my eyes, lift my head. Then, once I look around above all the bad news on the screen, I realize that it all took place only in there... or out there... in any case, somewhere else. No reason to let it affect my actual reality.

Looking Back at a Fairly Amazing Year

Now, if I just consider this year from my own selfish viewpoint, I have to admit that I've seen worse. In fact, 2020 actually had some successful event in store for me, and not just one.

I started out January with a week of fasting in a gorgeous beach location. Next, I took part in a natural construction project, which (thanks to Covid) ended up taking more time, being more challenging, but also was a sweeter reward when we managed to complete it. Over the summer, I had the chance to spend some relaxing time on a friend's property in Southern California, cleaning it up, looking at nature, and even starting another building project. All of these episodes have left a beautiful memory in my mind, with lots of opportunities for the future.

What's the Word?

Have you heard of @senorcoconut 's challenge? It's been up for like two weeks, but I only saw it now. Basically he wants you to come up with a word for 2020 that's supposed to guide you also through 2021. You still have time till the end of the year (the end of today) to post a reply. And there are some prizes to be won too!

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So what would my word be, looking back at this weird year, and ahead onto the coming one? Maybe something others can relate to, a little bit? After a bit of deliberation, I decided to go with retreat.


Whatever is this supposed to mean? Like blowing retreat in a battle to signal falling back? Or is it more like a work retreat, to get out of the office and spend some time in the woods? I'd say a little bit like both.

How did I manage to avoid being affected by the insane lockdown measures? How did I not get locked in a quarantine? How was I exempt from all the psychological side effects of the virus that's going around? Well, the quick answer is: I was on a retreat.

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Sure, the small town on the Mexican coast, where I spent the first five months, got to feel the Covid measures too, particularly around April - May. But what did that mean for us? That we had to go out of our way a little to buy beer, and play a bit of cat and mouse if we wanted to go to the beach. But that's it.

Also, hanging out in the California desert it felt quite similar: while Covid was going rampant just an hour's drive away in San Diego (and other urban areas), for us the rattlesnakes posed a more serious and clearly present danger, compared to which the Covid was more like a joke.

Finally, even those remaining months that I got to spend at home in the city, my lifestyle was not altered that much. Teaching on-line classes was quite a welcome change, and since I never liked going out anyway, I experienced the Covid response as positive. The city become more quiet and less nerve wrecking.

So What's Next?

To formulate a strategy that has worked for me this year, I'd like to take the approach of retreating from battle, as my guiding word for next year too. By this I mean particularly the pointless battles, such as getting into confrontation over masks, or being worried about forced vaccinations. Instead, I want to keep to my retreats either at home, in some tiny beach town, or on some remote desert property. And yes, there are tons of awesome places, with tons of awesome things to do. I know, California is calling me back, and I also see a good chance that Mazunte will see a continuation... hopefully this coming year.

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Happy New Year Y'all!

Now, I understand, retreat might not be your favored approach to all the things happening in this world, and I don't expect it to be. However, I still hope that the next year will bring its own set of benefits for you. May you all stay safe, healthy, and happy, and make some amazing things happen. (Because I know, we always do.) So let's take 2021 for all it is worth to get the best out of it. And then let's post about it on Hive! I can't wait to read about it.


Oh, I like that one too! Nice.

I totally agree - 2020 only seemed bad through a CERTAIN LENS.

Strip that away, and there's a lot of GOOD about it too - so long as you didn't lose anyone you loved, which I know definitely happened to people on HIVE and the greater world.

Of course, losing loved ones is always a tragedy, no matter what the cause. And I don't want to downplay it either. But to equate it with the year, would just take it too far.

Yep, my 2020 wasn't so bad, either.
Some of my friends had to deal with alot, but I just moseyed along without any bombshells.
With any luck, I'll get to do more moseying this year.
Acapulco is calling.

Moseying is the word! (Oh, but it's too late for the contest.)
So you're going to Anarchopulco then? Or one of its incarnations? I haven't been so far, even though Mexico City where I am, is really not that far.

In Mexico the next town over might as well be a foreign land across hostile territory.
The roads can be very dangerous.
I doubt I make it to Anarchapulco, I don't mix will with some rich people.
I was there in '13, but things fell through and I got deported.
To Houston!
Luckily I am from not far north of there, by airplane, the bus took a while.
I hitched the last 150 miles.

Yes!!! I love it @stortebeker!!!

And you know I think you will see at the end of this year that Retreat will have had meant so many things... Nothing wrong with choosing your battles when it comes to masks or anything else. I think you know the way of the agorist pretty well and that's what I love about you man! I'm happy to read your post, it's ben too long since I've read your stories. Peace and I hope to meet you for real one day.

Thanks for playing

Thanks for these appreciative words. Yes, it seems like the way of the agorist is better represented here on Hive, which makes it so rewarding to post here (unlike other platforms).
I'm also looking forward to meeting in real. Hopefully not too far in the future.

did someone say earthship! lolz i never miss a post or comment with the word earthship in it (oh Gina bot!)

Very true... I put posted some thoughts on facebook about the obedience of people in a critical thinking kind of way and I got some crazy backlash from good friends!!! I feel sad to see so much brainwashing...

Hey I posted up the results of everyone who participated in the challenge if you're interested in checking it out:

Thanks again for playing and it's good to be back in touch. I loved the reciprocal roof you guys built on that earthship, great work!

See you later