Mountains and Blue sky.

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Hello Friends.

Beautiful photography of blue sky with white clouds and range of Mountains with snow on top. I try to capture the formation of white clouds in blue sky which is looks awesome. It is also makes the shadow on mountains. This photograph is taken during on the way ladakh with friends. All the part of nature like Blue sky white clouds Mountains looks beautiful. This is god make nature which is incredible. It is Fresh clear and awesome weather over there. This photograph is taken from Canon EOS 550D f/10 Focal length 18mm.


2nd photograph is telling the beauty of mountain. The white clouds with blue sky make this photograph wonderful. I hope you like these photographs. This photograph is taken from Canon EOS 550D f/10 Focal length 18mm.


3rd photograph Road looks beautiful between that mountain which is going to ladakh. I also try to capture the Blue sky with beautiful white clouds and Mountains all around. This is the real nature beauty of landscape photography. This photograph is taken from Canon EOS 550D f/10 Focal length 18mm.


This place is the heaven on the earth. 4th photograph is telling beauty of blue sky with white clouds and Mountain with shadow. I hope you like this Landscape view with mountains. This place is the heaven on the earth. This photograph is taken from Canon EOS 550D f/9 Focal length 18mm.


This photograph is taken on the way of ladakh with my friends. We the team of 5 friends had the best adventure experiences in the Land of High Passes. We started our journey From Manali on Bike to Ladakh. It is located in Jammu and Kashmir State, India. This photograph is describing the beauty of Mountains. I will share more photographs of this trip on my next blog. I hope you enjoy this photograph.

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Hermosa y completa captura lograste hacer en esa panorámica, además de los colores de la naturaleza y el cielo azul que la hace ver tan original. Gran trabajo y un buen enfoque en el momento preciso para tomar la fotografía. Felicidades.

Great diagonal composition and to be expected color contrast of this mountain landscape. This time the structure and patterns of the mountains surface looks just terrific, like a skin of some huge animal... Perfect!

Very lovely photos! Thanks for sharing them 🙂🙂

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Paths where water has run or snow melted makes interesting photography @tussar11, the stark beauty of high mountains so different to the valleys beneath.

Hi, I don't know what to tell you about the mountains, I love them and I would surely enjoy them
Happy day

Some lovely photos here my friend.

great shots spectacular and rugged scenery

Reminded me of Rambo 3. Hopefully we will get to see the greener side of Kashmir!