Come back from your ashes Fight Night

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After a series of interesting statements issued from some of the internal parts that make up the foundations of Electronic Arts and that point not only to how promising the next generation of consoles will be, but to the way in which the company will work with them It has been very complicated that his community of fans has not stopped to think about the video games that this will bring in the future. And, if we stop to think about the franchises that are owned by it, we will observe that EA has extended its invisible hand around most mainstream sports with simulators that manage to function in sales every year; although it is true that there are some absences such as that of a new video game of Fight Night, its boxing simulators.

Although I can say that the UFC saga has come to occupy a space similar to the one left by the latter (with its more than undeniable differences as it is not the same sport category), there are more and more concerns that exist in the community of fans for See a new Fight Night title. A desire that would have ignited enormously when Eddie Hearn, sports promoter in the nation of the United Kingdom, would have revealed that Electronic Arts is studying the possibility of creating a new installment of the franchise, according to the companions of the Protal The Sun.

*However, it goes without saying that the words that the company would have issued are far from having confirmed anything.

And now I leave you with the soundtrack of the best boxing saga

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very good choice, for me one of the best

thanks, when I listen to this song, it gives me a boost of energy ufffff