Changes I must address before payout

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The smaller DELI amounts are not earning hardly anything in the current rewards structure at these relatively LOW NEOXAG prices, and relatively HIGH HIVE and Steem prices. So I am making a change for...


  1. These smaller DELI will be rewarded with NEOXAG. (via votes on posts) Then the small DELI🐊GATORS are strongly encouraged to add these tokens of NEOXAG into their delegations until they reach the 1000 level. Or simply buy more NeoxAG and add to DELI.
  2. The small accounts must APPLY via Discord with the @underground#7534 account, or REPLY to one of my posts and ask about getting votes.
  3. Any new accounts joining will receive no payouts until they attain the 1000 NeoxAG Level... NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Many of the small DELI were rewarded with a joining bonus that exceeded all earnings generated by the DELI for all 5 months, some exceeded by 100x give or take! 😱

REPLY LIST, tagging all members...

(need not reply unless you wish to take action on the above or just say "WASSSUP!!!" 😎 )

@neoxian spinvest-neo 5000
@shanibeer spinvest-neo 5150
@qam2112 spinvest-neo 70000
@spinvest-leo spinvest-neo 4000
@conradsuperb spinvest-neo 10451.08556256

@silvertop spinvest-neo 1229.14709376
(and alts)

@elizabethbit spinvest-neo 754.5535889
@bucipuci spinvest-neo 220

@raymondspeaks spinvest-neo 50000

@felander spinvest-neo 375
@ladysalsa spinvest-neo 50

@preparedwombat spinvest-neo 5000
@oldmans spinvest-neo 2000

@elbrava spinvest-neo 200

@anouk.nox.spt spinvest-neo 3000
@silverstackeruk spinvest-neo 5000
@melinda010100 spinvest-neo 3300.47920471
@taskmaster4450 spinvest-neo 12371.11525688

@ecoinstant spinvest-neo 700 (please verify if this is an ALT account, I can combine payouts and no other action required...)
@sames spinvest-neo 394.72724462

@bitcoinflood spinvest-neo 50000

@incubot spinvest-neo 500

@taskmaster4450le spinvest-neo 3280.79694281
@spinvest spinvest-neo 1757.623

@fredkese spinvest-neo 720
@lammbock spinvest-neo 111

@welshstacker spinvest-neo 1600
@methus spinvest-neo 9500
@putu300 spinvest-neo 1014.01363957
@hetty-rowan spinvest-neo 3500
@ecoinstats spinvest-neo 1000
@reverendrum spinvest-neo 21794.29944303
@battleaxe spinvest-neo 4668.77578209
@rehan.neox spinvest-neo 5000
@kerrislravenhill spinvest-neo 1401
@metzli spinvest-neo 1000
@moderndayhippie spinvest-neo 6701
@mcoinz79 spinvest-neo 1000

@tokengesture spinvest-neo 125

@dera123 spinvest-neo 9604.14837411

@ekushya spinvest-neo 500

@votebetting spinvest-neo 10000

@axeman spinvest-neo 83411.11375575
@jurajimmy spinvest-neo 11778.0046685
@gannibal spinvest-neo 1004.93699932
@publicumaurora spinvest-neo 3684.58165296
@mfblack spinvest-neo 136000
@saffisara spinvest-neo 1000
@darkmrmystic spinvest-neo 9357.23650631
@ronaldoavelino spinvest-neo 6000

REPLY HERE or contact @underground#7534 via Discord!


Will add up 280 neoxag soon

Thanks Fred!

I've added to it

I sent you a message in discord. Cheers!


Thanks for the heads up it's been busy....I sent you a Discord message in Steem Power Investments. Thanks for what you do, stay safe!!!

Howdy TopperZ


Hello my friend, I hope you are doing well in this Corona mess we are in....

yeah Sonny Boi had it
Got over it pretty quick

It’s good to hear people recovering from this !👍

I am interested in potentially delegating a chunk of NEOXAG for receiving the payouts. Do you still take them and what's the best way to do it? What is the return per 1000 NEOXAG?

Hello, Mr. Goliath

Back when neoxag was running $0.0035 or so, we were getting good returns (steem) for a month. SPI was equal to one steem too. But 2 things have happened, SPI has more than doubled and NeoxAG is down, so payouts are down but not as bad as it looks on the surface, because EARNINGS are way up from that point as well. Let me run a current figure for you and try to put it in context of ll the various prices (higher SPI, lower Neo) In fact, the last batch of SPI I bought, it was over 2 steem cuz I got 31.61 SPI for 74 Steem. 2.34 Steem per SPI, so SPI was running right near 40 cents when those were bought.

We are on track to blast through 30,000 neoxag earned, on 701, 000 delegated. Plus I have to add another 26,000 my self, I buy the neoxag for a fair market price instead of 'taking whatever the buy orders are' and also that way I do not crash the market price of the token.

35,000 on 700,000 is 5% returns, and we are darn close to that rate... 5% a month is an awesome rate of return! I'd say we are going to be above 4% for sure this month. CLoser to 5 but we'll see!

Do I have to have SPI as well as delegating NEOXAG?
Or just delegating will get me NEOXAG earned?
Is it paid out weekly and does it get sent to our accounts?

Monthly Payouts, you only need to delegate neoxag, and spinvest tokens (SPI) are the rewards. Sent directly to your Steem Engine Wallets.

Everyone gets the same 'rate of return', if you have 1,000 DELI or 100,000 DELI. But of course, the 100,000 will make more due to the bigger investment.

Sweet! Will look at delegating sometime soon and looking forward to the NEOXAG being on Hive Engine as well.