An Old And Alone Parrot

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Hi there lovely people of Hive World,
Hope you all are fine and enjoying your weekend

I am away from home and here I visit one of my friend in Peshawer City. There I found a Parrot, she is may be 12 years old and she don't like anone in her cage hehhe.
I asked to my friend, why you don't make a pair?
He first laughed and replied that he tried and put another parrot in her cage but she always beat her partner hardly. She don't like anyone hehhe

Here sge is

I love green parrot but these are expensive in my city but I will buy one or pair soon for Shahzaib (my son)

Thanks for the visit,
Have a nice day

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Hehe nice bird. :)
Shahzaib will love it.


I don't get any right now, because we have to pay for bird travel as well to take that at home hehehe
back to home but I will buy one soon :D