Its raining Legendary lately!!! Daily Rewards plus an ORB for the win

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Sometimes it feels like a grind, other times you feel like a champ.

The daily rewards at time makes you question everything, bring you to the brink of giving up on the grind.

Then other days, it gets you to refocus and brings you back to center and keeps you motivated.

Todays rewards were not great, but had oppertunity.

I lost my screen shot, so PeakMonsters for the win.

Screenshot 20200513 at 8.21.11 AM  Edited.png
Screenshot 20200513 at 8.21.39 AM  Edited.png

  • Shadowy Presence - great pull, epics are always good, and I never have enough. Not to mention its almost all of the value of rewards As you can the rest was potions and DEC, I did manage to pull a 300 DEC chest so that is decent honestly.

  • Orb - Orbs are always good, Promo cards are expensive to come buy, and upgrade. Not to mention the DEC bonus for playing, they can really add up. Not to mention they higher burn rate helps to hold their value in the long term.

The ORB - Lets Take a Look

Screenshot 20200513 at 7.39.17 AM  Edited.png

Well look at that a Minotaur Warlord - its raining legendary for me lately, I am really loving the potions and don't want to open anything without them!

Its a great cards, especially in the silver leagues, given the higher mana matches will really run well in my rentals. I will also take the two rare Undead Archers.

Keep playing

If you don't play your daily, you can miss out on an orb, or a gold foil you would have pulled. You miss the DEC to upgrade your cards. Play, play, play and don't get down.

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More luck than me at the moment

I have been have great luck lately, got anothe r legendary from a pack too, will post about it tomorrow!