Some secret of meditation that you will never come to know.

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Last, time I wrote an article related to meditation. It amazed me. I recieved good response in terms of upvote. Thanks for that. I don't know whether you read this or not. But, I will request you to read all my meditation related articles because the things that I will share are based on my own experience and knowledge. Maybe this will save you from falling in traps of superstition.

The facts start:

The first ever book on meditation was Vigyan bhairav tantra in Sanskrit written as conversion of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
The term Vigyan means Science.

All together you can say It as a science of becoming Bhairav.

What is bhairav ?

Actually Bhairav is a deep thing that I will discuss someday. For this article as per described in the book it is a state of lord Shiva or Shankar at which you are completely thoughtless. At this stage no more sorrows and suffering of world will ever touch you.
This mean you will be master of your emotions and mind. Mind is a part of body and thought will come definately but still you will be conquerer of your own fate.

  1. There are 112 meditation techniques in this entire universe, multiverse, or whatever above that. Sitting position that you might be performing is one of that.
  2. One such technique is meditation at your centre of mass. When you do so, you will come to know a highly energetic centre but still energy less present there. It means this is in different dimension still available from your body. If you realized this your's meditation will be considered successful.
  3. In every breathe you die when you exhale and in every breathe you come to a new life when you inhale. This happens every time but we are not aware of this. By meditation on breathing, you will come to know this! It's eternal knowledge. Hope you like this!



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