Whaleshares Have Finally Destroyed Themselves

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Those of us that were involved in it from the beginning knew what was coming. We could see the early tell tale signs. Those of us that have had business experience were lucky enough to understand what was happening and we warned off those that we knew that didn't.

A bit of background.

So a few of you will know me as the owner of the Man Cave. We were a hopeful project. We wanted to make a difference. I wanted to make enough to retire and at the same time allowing others to get a good chance at earning whatever they could to change their lives. The man cave wasn't supposed to be primarily a Whaleshares thing, although sadly most people thought it was. We had plans to branch out with the extra we were making and commission well meaning men to go out and start man cave's of their own. Get men building and creating again; at the very least having something to live for.

It all started with officialfuzzy and walrus

So, as far as I understand it we were supposed to be an integrated community with Whaleshares. I had it all set up with TheWalrus and I had a community of willing men raring to go. Like, no joke, actual Police Lieutenants, Professional Wrestlers, Law Students -- I had carefully hand picked a select bunch of men to get things done. The day of the launch walrus contacted me and told me what happened. His plans were being sidelined; he wanted something for the community, and well, fuzzy didn't. I was also explicitly warned that I'd get caught in the crossfire.

KrazyKrista. Emphasis on Krazy.

I was under the impression at first that these people were a select bunch of professionals ready to get started on something worthwhile. I was (still am) loyal to walrus, and mainly because he was the one that always supported my vision and what I wanted for people. The (new) Whaleshares server which I was invited to had very much changed in feeling after the split; nonetheless, I was willing to remain impartial because I'm a professional. Business trumps schoolyard.

It was Krazykrista that first told me not to give out my tokens because they weren't part of Whaleshares official, and when someone asked me for them I was told not to -- and reprimanded whilst I wasn't there. Furthermore whoever had them were told to burn them. I was kinda shocked, but I *was* warned. This is something I did expect, but not to that extent. I mean I've seen constructive dismissal before but never to this level.

From There it Just Got Krazy-er

My discord went silent. Mainly because those that had either invested in Whaleshares, had something to lose, or just wanted to gain something from that place knew then that my server was bad news. I got the distinct feeling that their goal was to ostracize any sort of collaboration with anyone. There is no working with competition in their world, and I expect that has something to do with fuzzy. I've seen him at play before; he's not someone that plays ball, and I expect he's the one pulling the chords.

Annex fuzzy, and you may have something, anything to salvage. The rest I expect are pulled by his strings. But alas, that will be hard to do when he has his claws so dug in deep. I know explicitly how those people work. They definitely choose their underlings very wisely.

With all that I gave up

I don't fight losing battles; I have so much more I could do with my time. People on Whaleshares were brainwashed, I just couldn't fight that. So I spread out into the ether.

There is a feeling I have on Whaleshares

Have you ever had the feeling that you're trying to copy the kid that has all the answers wrong and he won't let you? This is what I feel Whaleshares is -- they are defending their project ruthlessly from some unseen threat, and whilst doing so they are completely blindsided by the fact that they are destroying it in the process.

We all wanted in on Whaleshares. Hundreds of people raring to go. Getting ready to build. Creating something awesome. 

But in the end they fucked it all up.

One thing I've learned in my life is that people that are up to no good are always looking over their shoulder. Remember that.

HF4 is the biggest fuckup ever

I keep getting told by Whaleshares team members that have the literacy equivalency of baby cartoon drawings that they are looking for worthwhile creators; whilst at the same time ignoring worthwhile creators. There's comparisons to Medium, even although medium never have, and never will use a tip based system.

No-one will tip. It doesn't work. It never works. As someone that has been writing on the web since 2011 I promise you the tipping system will never work, and especially on a place like Whaleshares.

For people to even consider tipping you then you have to have given them really good value. Like serious value. There is nowhere on the internet that uses a tipping system for creators because we absolutely know that the system is flawed.

Again, this is another attempt to purge the boogeyman from their platform.

People with big stake are somehow the enemy?

One thing I cannot get my head around is that the core team keep talking about big accounts and how disinterested they are in making interaction. Yet these people that scream big accounts are the same people that have sold off thousands and thousands of Whalestake.

I can't get my head around that.

It's just not professional

If you look at Steemit; the people on here hold themselves well. Even fyrstikken, who looks like an unmade bed on a good day has a modicum of professionalism about him. There's zero of that in Whaleshares, and if you become a wrongthinker (someone that disagrees with the core team) you and your project will be ousted faster than a Jew from a Muslim shop. You'll also be treated like you have the plague.

Good luck; but don't hold your breath. If you must use Whaleshares, use it with kid gloves. Save your best stuff for here.



I never tried any of those SteemIt clones. Steem has some problems, but if people want to solve it, it's not with an exact copy of the code that they'll do it. They will end up with a system with the same flaws or more.

If people want to replace Steem, they need to revamp the whole concept, including the interface. Starting from scratch is the only way.

Scot tokens, and hopefully smt's in the future are helping with that. I'm having a whale of a time with those.

Whaleshares hf4 is far, very far from any Steemit copy, just come and check by yourself ;)

Can't say that I'm very surprised @raymondspeaks; "copies" of something else — especially when created by disgruntled participants of the "original" thing — have a way of falling flat on their face because they will never be more than copies.

Whether Whaleshares is/was mismanaged, misguided or an ill-advised idea, the reality of life tends to be that the "original" of most concepts has a remarkable stickiness... and it's al but impossible to lure many main players away for anything more than "curiosity." Seen any good "copies" of eBay, or amazon, or Facebook that are highly successful? Neither have I...

But it's still interesting to hear your version of events, as they have unfolded!


Interesting -- yes, I'll have to agree with you there. Whaleshares was exciting at the time; a novelty perhaps. Even if they made a success out of their dump, I think most would have came back to Steemit in the end. Especially with steem engine tokens and smts on the horizon. That sort of stuff would have blown Whaleshares out of the water.

Also from what I've seen their team lacks any sort of true vision - so there's that too.

So it's better move here and with SCOT Token (SE) you can perform better than any other platform!


Already have my friend. I have a humungous stake in neoxian :)

NeoxianAG is a good token to stake! And also I think you might think about initiate your own token platform here! But I can't guaranteed the idea of Tribes anymore. Feel like the community needs something much more than a tag game!


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 2 years ago 

So... when you making a steem engine token? https://discord.gg/24fCY9C

Soon, very soon aggroed. I need to set up some funding first though.

I hope that the folks who walked out on the Steem community for whaleshares will come back. I tried it, wasn't impressed. I'm happy to be on Steem!

same :)

Egos destroy everything around them. Leaders with big egos will destroy their own people.

Absolutely correct. And I find that it's usually those that feel the least confident about their role have the biggest egos

I have to say I agree with what you say, I created some tools for both Whaleshares and smoke set up public servers and such. But at the end of the day that place is more of a cult than anything.

It’s impressive for the “core team” to say the biggest accounts are the ones dumping when in reality the “core team” meaning the krazy lady and the bee guy never bought wls them selfs yet they hold some of the biggest accounts and guess what those accounts are the ones dumping wls. So I don’t understand how some can say and bring up issues that they them selfs made up.

Whaleshares is a personal project so they can suck out as much money as they can the same witnesses are running 2-3 witness accounts and they all vote them selfs yet the top 5 have no ducking clue how to even set up a server let alone code anything.

So sure I post on there as well and I have just recently started powering down. It’s more of a waste of time now to even try to sell this stuff.

This is one of the issues I had with them. We were ready to put money into our projects but around that time people that had added zero in money into whaleshares were also the biggest dumpers of the coin. That was a serious red flag for me.

Says the guy who lost his witness to Neoxian over unpaid debt and took off for months.

Yes, says the same guy that paid off his debt, even when the collateral lost 95% of its value.

Thank you for noticing.

Yep. Not sure what is going on in their minds and how they think they can spin it to the masses over there that this new HF is a good thing.

With 85% of their reward pool going to their daily login reward for stakeholding and if you don’t claim it, it is forfeit to the dev fund, that it yet another way they are monopolizing things as well with those massive accounts that they staked with millions of WLS like the CCTI account that will be diverting its daily holdings to the dev fund. Not to mention all of the large accounts that have been dormant and the accounts of those that will be leaving as a result of this HF decision. Every HF done on Whaleshares seems to have pushed valid content creation further and further away and made the platform a safe haven for shit posting.

Crazy, isn't it? And they are the ones that keep telling us they are trying to purge shit posters. Then at the same time selling off enough whaleshares to keep the price low enough so anyone that earns a living from creation can't earn.

Hence no-one gives a shit.

Rinse / Repeat

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Raymond, I was expecting more humanity from you. I know I should not have too much expectation in life, there often lead to deception. I love tipping and hf4 is simply amazing, feel free to come back when you want (I'm not part of any dev team or whatever)

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Hey @raymondspeaks, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

looks like we have an expert on the situation.

oddly no talk of the actual progress...and somehow after all these years...steem has not changed its toxic game theory.

if u hold wls by all means sell it. we have achieved more than most any other project in dpos with far less than most and all up hill.

feel free to attack it...we play the long game as we wait for the right time.

oh and just a hint here...we were first to have crosschain tokens. along with firsts like alex's work on sharebits or our work with stakemine. this isnt even counting whaleshares hf4. i dont expect the blind like u to see it as its apparent u dont take much time to research, but for those who actually read this and believe it. 😗

I am an very happy whaleshares user for a year now. Those kind of post are made from uneducated people who don't use the whaleshares platform. Once again, I love you guys <3

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