God's Word: Our Standard for Truth!

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Morning Gym

1Tim.3.15 - so that if I can't come for a while, you will know how people must conduct themselves in the household of God. This is the church of the living God, which is the pillar and support of the truth.

John.17.17 - Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth.

Good morning sweedy,
Hmmmmmmm, Truth! Truth! Truth!.
As humans, we often engage in conversations, and arguments and we often make statements like,
"That's not true", "That's a lie", "This is not correct", "This is right",
And many more statements that indicates falsehood or truthfulness.

But my question is this,
What's your standard for measuring right or wrong?
What's your reference for the Truth?
What's that authority you consider as the truth, that makes you call everything contrary 'a lie'?

Lemme just drop this point,

No two people will come into agreement, who do not have the same standard for measuring truth.

Whenever you tell someone that he is wrong, you think you definitely have a reliable authority as your reference that also considers it as wrong. That's how it works.

Now lemme narrow this down.
As Christians, what's our standard for Truth?

That's definitely the word of God!

I feel sad for Believers running after nice quotes that doesn't even support Biblical doctrine in anyway.

Well, that's because they don't even see their God as the absolute standard for Truth in any way.😭😭

Let's Just think in a certain direction this morning. Maybe perhaps we'll see how daft we have become by judging men as True over God.

Does it make logical sense, to believe the created over the creator?
Is there any atom of wisdom in the fact that we depend on what men can come up with as the truth, rather than finding out what God has said is the truth?
Does it make sense to us that we ask a gadget what's the correct way it should be used, than referring to the manufacturers manual?

Sweedy, life here is too short to start guessing.

Jesus said,
Sanctify them with your truth, YOUR WORD IS TRUTH.

This sentence makes all the logical sense. But only to those who see Christ as God.

God bless science, but if they go against God's word, I'll look straight into that professor's 4 eyes and say "You're wrong".

God made the universe, he knows the in and out of it.

He's the Only one who's got the truth.
And his Church is supposed to be the resident of this truth.

Too sad we have replaced *high-sounding reasonings with scriptures.

We have to think again.

We're Believers!
God is our highest authority.
We depend on the sincerity of his word not on the arguments of men.

God's word is our standard for Truth.


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